The Assumption Assumption

Via Steve Sailer, the story of maybe the most egregious Me Too takedown yet, of open software innovator Richard Stallman. From Jack Baruth  “Wait,” some of you are saying, “that’s right! Jeffrey Epstein had a rape island! I’d forgotten all about it, what with Epstein’s convenient suicide and some remarkably media-friendly mass shootings occurring right as justiceContinue reading “The Assumption Assumption”

Reading the report “Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Far Right on YouTube” Intro:“For a short time on January 4, 2018, the most popular livestreamed video on YouTube was a broadcast dominated by white nationalists. More specifically, it was a stream by YouTubers Andy Warski and Jean-François Gariépy, facilitating a debate between a white nationalist and aContinue reading

Follow the Money

The revolution will have to be monetized. Diversity is monetized because corporate America sees the growing non-white population as the future. Once the demographic shift in the US was set in motion, business had no choice but to pursue the new non-white consumer dollar. Its long-term planning necessarily became modeled on that population shift. ItContinue reading “Follow the Money”

Cowboys and Insinuations

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and allies have charged General Kelly’s “empty barrel” remark is racist. Everyone laughed: there’s no traditional connotation between the two. But I like to think Kelly’s opponents get it, just like I do: an “empty barrel” making a lot of noise is a black mediocrity making of herself a spectacle. Weary whitesContinue reading “Cowboys and Insinuations”

When Dindu Meets GI Joe

Those charging that General Flynn’s criticism of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is racist aren’t entirely wrong. I don’t take racism as it’s defined seriously, and I don’t imagine the general is personally “racist” or motivated by racial animus. But in adding to his criticism of her behavior towards Trump the charge of an earlier graceless publicContinue reading “When Dindu Meets GI Joe”

What’s in a Name?

In denying Robert Lee a desirable assignment because his name incidentally causes a (questionable) racial offense between two groups, neither of which he belongs to, did ESPN violate civil rights law? Lee is discriminated against by default: Asian man can’t do this (granted, very particular, silly-ass) thing, because it would constitute an offense upon blacks by whites. Well,Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”

The Waiting

One more foul emanation of enforced diversity: that morbid interval after an act of mass violence, as we two increasingly divided sides of our split nation wait to learn the identity of the culprit and where the narrative impact will land. Diversity not only divides by placing entire communities of strangers in our midst, itContinue reading “The Waiting”

Trump Names the Tools

From the new administration’s website: Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter.As if calling rioters rioters and looters looters wasn’t triggering enough to the Establishment, in using the word “disrupter” the administration is calling out one of the pop-ideologies of the opposition that seeks toContinue reading “Trump Names the Tools”

The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button

Yesterday Steve Sailer noted today how Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning’s gender dysphoria, having gone from footnote to forefront during his incarceration along with the rise of the trans rights movement, is now seen by fashionable convention as a legitimate sympathy factor favoring President Obama’s commutation of his sentence, as evidenced by the New York Times: It’sContinue reading “The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button”

Life in Black and White

Does endorsement of the rioting in Charlotte in response to a police shooting, without any of the usual plausible-enough elements of police misconduct–suspect was not “unarmed”, cop is black, etc– represent a Rubicon crossed for supporters of the Black Lives movement? Is it now that any shooting of a black suspect must prompt rioting? HaveContinue reading “Life in Black and White”