Follow the Money

The revolution will have to be monetized. Diversity is monetized because corporate America sees the growing non-white population as the future. Once the demographic shift in the US was set in motion, business had no choice but to pursue the new non-white consumer dollar. Its long-term planning necessarily became modeled on that population shift. ItContinue reading “Follow the Money”

New World Order

Kevin MacDonald quotes from evolutionary anthropologist John Tooby’s article about “coalitional instincts” in response this year’s “annual question” at, “What Scientific Concept Should be More Widely Known” (emphasis added): Coalition-mindedness makes everyone, including scientists, far stupider in coalitional collectivities than as individuals. Paradoxically, a political party united by supernatural beliefs can revise its beliefs about economicsContinue reading “New World Order”

The Magical, Mysterious, Absorptive Alchemy of Success

Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is…–The Rolling Stones Regarding this Freddy Gray post at TAC, I wouldn’t assume that today’s stenographers of the royal court aren’t correct about the perception, if not the truth, of current events as they will be viewed a generation on, at least here in the States.Continue reading “The Magical, Mysterious, Absorptive Alchemy of Success”