Appropriate that which is Appropriate

It’s important to understand we’re in the appropriation phase of “civil rights”, a period of wealth confiscation and privilege transfer from white to non-white. From culture to commerce new terms and limits are being rationalized as necessary racial justice as professions, cultural domains and even physical spaces are carved out from which whites are toContinue reading “Appropriate that which is Appropriate”

The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button

Yesterday Steve Sailer noted today how Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning’s gender dysphoria, having gone from footnote to forefront during his incarceration along with the rise of the trans rights movement, is now seen by fashionable convention as a legitimate sympathy factor favoring President Obama’s commutation of his sentence, as evidenced by the New York Times: It’sContinue reading “The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button”

Cognitive Dissonance and Cowardice

When Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds live broadcast the death of Philando Castile some whites were puzzled by her calm demeanor in the circumstances, narrating events in a stereotypical ghetto monotone normally associated with passive aggressive customer service agents of a certain demographic. When I saw it on Twitter I thought at first it was a hoax; Reynolds comesContinue reading “Cognitive Dissonance and Cowardice”

The Audacity of Expedience

From this NYT article on Obama’s drone war: They describe a paradoxical leader who shunned the legislative deal-making required to close the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, but approves lethal action [drone strikes] without hand-wringing.(…)Yet the administration’s very success at killing terrorism suspects has been shadowed by a suspicion: that Mr. Obama hasContinue reading “The Audacity of Expedience”

The Roost is on the Left

Making themselves to home. The latest alienated, homicidal incompetent to personalize the sort of racial pandering the president is presently cranking to eleven for the 2012 campaign was shot and killed by police today. And we’re off: “He used to do so much for the community. Something must have happened to make him flip outContinue reading “The Roost is on the Left”

A Belated Introduction to Your President

New and improved, 10/4Updates below The hits just keep coming for the Wonder Brother. I discount the president’s more explicit race-baiting; he’s never more full of shit than when he’s adopting that phony gospel intonation for such as the naive souls at Trinity United. Sinister as it is, the president’s fervor is depressingly dull. HeContinue reading “A Belated Introduction to Your President”


Via Drudge, it appears the White House is calling on some of its strengths from 2008–the power of the Internet, the gullibility of Youth, the paranoia of progressives–to compile a massive enemies list, with a fervor and reach in which Richard Nixon would find evidence of mental instability. They’ve set up a “watchdog” website employingContinue reading “Paranoid-in-Chief”

Barry Bugs Out

Tom Englehardt nails the true nature of President Obama’s address to cadets at West Point: Certainly, the choice of venue, and so the decision to address a military audience first and other Americans second, not only emphasized the escalatory military path chosen in Afghanistan, but represented a kind of symbolic surrender of civilian authority. RushContinue reading “Barry Bugs Out”

Deconstructing Eric, or, Little by Little

Abraham Lincoln once said that “If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North,” and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace.–Michael Scott Our Attorney General is right. We are a nation of cowards, fearing an honest discussion of race. But, unless he’s breaking utterly with rigorously observed convention,Continue reading “Deconstructing Eric, or, Little by Little”

Heckling the Coronation

During his first year in office, President Obama can be expected to unquestioningly acquiesce to the consensus demanding he oversee an increase in public debt twice as large, as a percentage of GDP, as any year in the Roosevelt administration. He will do this because, as any successful politician, he is congenitally incapable of recognizing,Continue reading “Heckling the Coronation”