Portland Dispatch January 17: The Big Grift Cycle

Ten years ago today I triggered Seattle with this post on MLK Day in the progressive-decadent free weekly The Stranger after someone unwisely gifted me a week guest-blogging there. Life goes so fast. Washington State has moved to limit elective surgeries, ostensibly in anticipation of a covid surge WASHINGTON (KPTV) – Patient volumes at someContinue reading “Portland Dispatch January 17: The Big Grift Cycle”

From the Vault

OCT 27, 2007 POINT DEFERENCE, WA (UNS*) — Civil rights leaders in this Seattle suburb are up in arms over what they say is the latest incident in a nation-wide trend of hate crimes involving the public display of nooses, a symbol of lynching in the Jim Crow south. A noose was discovered hanging fromContinue reading “From the Vault”

Statuary Rape

Portland anarchists crowned a season of monument destruction in October of 2020 when they pulled down the city’s Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln statues and attacked the nearby Oregon Historical Society–despite its having been so woke and feminist for years it could be called the Oregon Hysterical Society; this on what antifa organizers billed asContinue reading “Statuary Rape”

Stream of Consciousness

Included in this stream: What Happened: “Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on 19 Months of COVID” from the Hoover Institution’s Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson


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