Statuary Rape

Portland anarchists crowned a season of monument destruction in October of 2020 when they pulled down the city’s Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln statues and attacked the nearby Oregon Historical Society–despite its having been so woke and feminist for years it could be called the Oregon Hysterical Society; this on what antifa organizers billed as an “Indigenous Day of Rage” (that was about as genuinely “indigenous” as the Boston Tea Party), coinciding with Portland’s official (anti-)holiday refuting Columbus Day, Indigenous People’s Day, which promises to grow more strident and violent, if no more indigenous, annually.

Last October the nation and the city weren’t so far gone as now, and Mayor Ted Wheeler felt compelled to stand with the police chief and denounce the rioters’ actions. But he followed the same pattern by which he and the city had just acquiesced to anarchist and BLM political terror over the summer: denouncing the violence, affirming the anarchists’ right to speech, even sympathizing with the goals of anti-police rioters, and conspicuously not defending their targets–then it was the police, now it’s our history.

With virtually no defenders in Portland, the toppled presidents were quickly forgotten while the activist/government Combine currently remaking the city quietly and quickly moved to consolidate the gains achieved by their antifa vanguard, following their own model–just as lawmakers responded to riots attacking police with laws–written by their activist allies behind the violence–defunding and limiting police, including in their tactics against violent rioters, the city has responded to the taking down of white monuments with laws expediting the taking down of white monuments–and replacing them with anti-white monuments.

Oregon politicians and the activist organizations they fund with tax dollars follow in antifa’s train to claim captured territory, and where one ends and the other begins is not clear. Many arrested rioters work for activist organizations, of course.

Portlanders subsidize the Regional Arts and Culture Council through a 35 dollar-a-year Arts Tax; the city empowers it with overseeing Portland’s public art and monuments. The city council member assigned as liaison (with attendant lack of authority) to the, naturally, very woke council is radical newcomer Carmen Rubio. Beyond that RACC’s private nature shields it from public oversight, though it is subject to audit.

Without public input RACC revised its policies last August, recommending the removal of any monument identified through “sustained and overwhelming public objection…[to] include regular social justice oriented graffiti, vandalism, or defacement…[or when the] subject or impact of an artwork is significantly at odds with values of antiracism, equity, inclusion.”

Then this September, a little less than a year after the “Indigenous” Day of Rage, RACC recommended not restoring four statues under its purview: Lincoln, Roosevelt, a statue of a settler family arriving in Oregon called “The Promised Land” and a statue of longtime Oregonian editor and power broker Harvey Scott, who came to Oregon as a settler in 1852, losing his mother and a brother along the way. Aside from being an actual settler (and thus a “colonizer”) he opposed female suffrage. Fittingly, he was an expert on Oregon history, though it’s doubtful antifa saw the irony.

A 2018 city audit found RACC rudderless and unaccountable:

Auditors pointed out no one’s keeping tabs on the value of RACC’s public art assets. Take the famous Portlandia statue. Sculptor Raymond Kaskey got paid $348,000 by RACC to make it for the city in 1985. Today, it’s worth something like $4 million to $5 million. In case of a disaster, without an updated valuation, the city might not be able to recoup the full value.

Furthermore, the RACC contract is riddled with vague language about the agency’s mission, public records procedure and workings. At the top, the agency lacks a strategic plan to guide operations.

At the same time no one could be found to replace the outgoing director. The city council liaison at the time was Nick Fish, liberal Democrat from a venerable old political family. Fish passed away in 2020 and was replaced by radical Carmen Rubio.

The “trans, queer, neuro-diverse artist, alchemist, and Marine Corps veteran” from Georgia Tech with they pronouns brought in to lead RACC in 2018 revamped and repurposed the council as a social justice agency; last week they announced they’ll be moving on to a gig in San Francisco, having dispatched with Portland’s problematic history in a timely fashion.

Such rewriting of policy to accommodate and accelerate the rewriting of history was going on throughout Portland city government in 2020. In June, when the police station and jail were under nightly siege, the city passed a resolution declaring the city’s “core values”:

The City of Portland is an anti-racist institution.
Addressing issues concerning anti-Blackness is a priority for the workforce and city.
Actions to dismantle institutional and systemic racism are the responsibilities of every employee and resident.
Racism, discrimination, and bias are not tolerated within the workplace or in our communities.
The City of Portland condemns oppression, violence, and hate speech toward people of color.

The unanimously passed resolution changes no law, but is cited repeatedly now by various grievance groups demanding the city “live up to” these “core values” and hand over something from the city treasury– and by RACC when effecting their cultural revolution-style policy changes.

Regarding the “Indigenous Day of Rage” (which indifferent anarchists scheduled one day ahead of “Indigenous People’s Day”, overshadowing it into oblivion) the actual indigenous of the region were the only group whose shock and disapproval can be taken as genuine–they thought Indigenous People’s Day was going to be about them:

…member of the Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable…Paul Lumley was upset by the destruction for a few reasons, one being the damage done to the Oregon Historical Society. He said they just opened an exhibit that does a beautiful job of showcasing Native American history that has been appreciated by tribes across the Pacific Northwest.

Lumley said he remembered the day in 2015 when City Council made the declaration [recognizing Indigenous People’s Day].

“It felt so good,” recalled Lumley. “It felt like finally I didn’t have to keep fighting so hard for tribal rights, that we were going to be embraced by the city, and it just felt so warm and welcoming.”

The Indians are as ignored as they are invoked by white anarchists attacking white history. Indigenous Americans came to terms with the same history antifa are trying to obliterate, after all, and it’s clear the anarchists clearly prefer the loud charisma of blacks to the laconic dignity of American Indians.

As the statues came down Portland police stood down; the chief later claimed a shots-fired call across the river required too many cops, and the small force remaining could only watch the destruction. Eventually a man from Washington state, Brandon Bartells, was arrested for driving the van that took down the statue of Roosevelt; two others for breaking the Historical Society’s windows and throwing lit flares inside. Brandon was previously arrested for violating the curfew in Kenosha. He and one of the flare-throwers, another out-of-stater identified as Malik Fard Muhamad, were turned over to Portland Police by federal agents.

Muhamad drew federal charges for traveling from Indiana to riot in Portland; he was arrested by US Marshals after the Portland Freedom Fund, which only posts bail for “Black, Brown and Indigenous folks”, broke its bank to put up the ten percent on his 2.1 million dollar bail for state charges. Brandon appears to have melted back into post-America. Let’s go (underground) Brandon. Whatever impulse in Portland there is to prosecute those responsible appears to have been sated.

No one seemed to notice the mayor dared not defend Teddy Roosevelt or even Abraham Lincoln, much less the culture and history they represent. It was just the violence and illegality of it all that upset him (though the mayor/police commissioner didn’t dare threaten anyone with arrest) and, if much less so, “antifa candidate” for mayor Sarah Iannarone, with whom Ted Wheeler was locked in a close election battle; each gave statements repudiating the tactics of the rioters. While Wheeler left implicit his acquiescence to the anarchists’ goals Iannarone was explicit in her support, and promised, once mayor, to move swiftly in taking down statues identified as objectionable, but in an orderly and legal fashion:

As your next Mayor, I’m ready to talk about how we move this city forward, from rethinking public safety to changing names and removing statues. If someone would like a statue removed, they can engage our public process to register that complaint and I’ll push City Council to listen and act swiftly. Our systems of government have long ignored problematic symbols and impacts of institutional racism, I am committed to changing that as mayor. People are hurting and that pain is valid.  But anonymous acts of destruction outside of any agreed-upon process are toxic, unaccountable behavior that has no place in our city. We are not going to be governed by shooting paintballs. That’s not democracy, nor is it fair to those of us who believe in our public process.”

Iannarone lost but the Combine saw her policy of expedited dismantlement and raised her one, with their clause recognizing the authority of monument-defacing “social justice oriented graffiti”: so, yes Sarah, we will be governed by “shooting paintballs”.

Settler to refugee: The Promised Land, removed in 2020 due to sustained social justice oriented graffiti and vandalism, not to be restored, by the authority of “sustained social justice oriented graffiti”.

Also by way of taking over the process of replacing monuments, among other things, last July the city passed a new “master plan” for the city’s park blocks where the Lincoln and Roosevelt statues stood, a plan with no public support (and so far unfunded, at least) and among its goals the replacement of monuments with “public art representing more diverse cultural identities and histories” and the making of the park blocks more “accessible” to “the diverse”, somehow, despite the parks’ open spaces being the very definition of accessible.

Supposedly the aforementioned lack of token monuments, the “Eurocentric” linear layout (for which there’s no fix, sadly) and, even, the lack of indigenous trees–the blocks feature deciduous trees, many imported, rather than evergreens, allowing in more light in winter and dressing the blocks up with color in the fall–all serve to dissuade non-whites from filling and ennobling the blocks, like in the sketches for the new master plan.

(Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

The plan’s drawn opposition from influential Portlanders and the public lined up to denounce it before the council voted on it, to no avail; the council unanimously voted to open the blocks up to redevelopment, promising to ruin them with a “central promenade” connected to a broader bike loop routing bicycle traffic through the parks. The plan as a whole looks designed to adapt the parks to a denser city; indeed, it’s impossible to imagine the blocks keeping their present character of quiet refuge in the much more crowded Portland they plan to build around it.

Because the parks, originally donated in 1852, were for a time fronted by mansions today’s progressives include in their critique the notion they were created as a “backyard” for the city’s rich (and thus need to be redesigned). But the eventual design of the park blocks are partly a product, like Teddy Roosevelt whose statue is no longer welcome there, of the original progressive era, their layout and the monuments that graced them influenced by the “City Beautiful” movement of earnest wealthy white progressives whose naive optimism and generosity stand out in stark contrast to the cynicism of today’s self-styled progressives, who cheer on, oblivious, the dismantling of their legacy. Yesterday’s wealthy denizen of progress gave land to the common man; today’s gives him indigenous land acknowledgements.

The park blocks are representative of whiteness, and thus are an affront to the new progressive and his very different idea of Progress. They also connect present day Portland to its white history. Of course the park blocks have to be remade, toppled like the statues; they stand as a sort of nature preserve of the white history of Portland that the Combine is abolishing as fast as they can. Who knows, people might get nostalgic, imagine alternatives.

Last January the Downtown Neighborhood Association, one of the last bastions of resistance to total progressive control here, submitted a 100-page nomination of the blocks to the National Historic Registry, which would greatly restrict any changes to the parks. “A formal designation may help motivate retention of this valuable public space”, a Portland architect involved in the nomination understated.

Elsewhere a former dean of Lewis and Clark law school wrote an opinion piece recommending returning the statues so as to not reward vandalism and create a precedent–a little late for RACC”s “social justice oriented graffiti” clause. While the city council is expected to follow whatever RACC recommends it’s not required to, and Carmen Rubio has at least consented to take public comments on the policy change.

Meanwhile the Combine is moving forward to retrofit Oregon history in Portland with the reasonable expectation none of this is going to make a difference. RACC’s Monuments and Memorials Project:

In 2020, Portland witnessed the removal of several monuments, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, The Promised Land, Harvey Scott, and others. Many more have been removed by activists and government officials across the country. As we enter into a national dialogue and reckon with historical narratives, contending with the monuments that have been created, we question not only who or what gets memorialized, but how we go about it. The questions and responses that arise from this moment are long overdue and ask what else is possible. It reminds us that public art can play an integral role in our society, activating and reflecting who we are and what we value.

Portland’s Monuments & Memorials Project will feature a series of talks with artists and scholars centered on various case studies of past, present, and proposed projects in public space. PMMP’s inaugural discussion, held online on March 30th, will focus on Alison Saar’s sculpture York: Terra Incognita, located at Lewis & Clark College.

As an integral part of the project, PMMP will issue an Open Call for Public Pedestals. Ideas for new and reenvisioned monuments and memorials will be solicited through an open call for proposals. Submissions will be gathered and shared in an online gallery and with civic leaders. A selection will be included in a culminating curated exhibition of regional and national artists exploring alternative perspectives of current and future monuments & memorials. PMMP will conclude with a publication generated by the design team Omnivore, who will chronicle the ongoing activities as visual scribes, collecting, collating, and synthesizing the project’s findings.

The Public Art Collection has the power to create spaces that are inclusive and welcoming to all the communities living in the city. Conversely, public art in the form of historic monuments and memorials in these spaces frequently depicts figures or events seen through the lens of privilege, failing to recognize the nuance of history that contains dispossession, enslavement, and discrimination. The legacy of the people or events depicted can change over time and it is therefore imperative that these artworks be regularly reevaluated, taking into account new information that comes to light during research or based on the evolution of a changing community. Monuments and memorials may be considered for deaccession based on careful and in-depth evaluation of the artwork and are subject to the criteria stated above.

The “pedestal” project appears to be part of a broader theme of pedestal appropriation and may be inspired by the case of the Harvey Scott statue, toppled in Portland’s Tabor Park in another antifa direct action, being briefly replaced by a “bust” of York, the slave who participated in the Lewis and Clark expedition; an unknown artist posted what looked like an oversized model head of a rather smug looking York on Scott’s pedestal. City council member Carmen Rubio declared herself “instinctively supportive” of the new statue.

Naturally at least one crazy not already on Portland city council was drawn to it; a woman was arrested and cited for painting the pedestal purple; video of the incident suggests mental illness. The city apologized that the polyurethane head would not hold up in the weather and would have to come down eventually. Things came to a head when vandals toppled York’s head; Portland’s Parks and Recreation head promised to look into salvaging the head:

Adrienne Flagg, who has helped facilitate public art in the past, said she’s disappointed.

“This was a really exciting piece of public art,” Flagg said. “Although it didn’t come through official channels, it seemed to be very organic for our community and it was beautifully done.”

Lynda Martin-McCormick lives near the statue and said good art is meant to make people uncomfortable, but tearing the statue down was a political statement.

“This was a political act by a faction of white people who want white people to stay on top, no matter what,”  said Martin-McCormick.

The director of Portland Parks and Recreation, Adena Long, said staff will inspect the bust to see if it can be salvaged.

“Unfortunately, the numerous racist responses to the memorial of a Black man forced to participate in the Corps of Discovery Expedition have not been a surprise,” said Long.

The pedestal of the George Washington bronze taken down from the lawn of the German American Society (who aren’t going to dare return the statue, taken down just a few years shy of its 100th birthday) was used in an aggressive work of propaganda that loomed over a street downtown for a time.

“George Washington” is crossed out on the overturned pedestal. An impressively “afro indigenous” looking model is rising up from it, fist raised. The text reads:

“I choose to prepare a place and a future for our grandchildren, a place where they will live outside of oppression, a place where they will know it’s okay to be black, native and afro indigenous.

I see you ancestors.”

One statue will be returned, the inoffensive Elk statue donated by a former mayor, which had to be removed because it was the center of antifa bonfires nightly in the summer of 2020; eventually the fountain around it was removed by the city after antifa had taken to pick-axing it into projectiles. But city planners have already signaled they covet the choice plot on an island in the middle of a two-lane street in the center of downtown where the 120 year-old work stood, so the Elk statue may soon be displaced by “progress”, just like the live elk it commemorates, that once roamed here. But it will be a very different definition of progress than that which raised the statues and the parks.

Still standing, for the moment: Soldier’s Monument, 1906, Lownsdale Park, memorializing Oregonians killed in the Spanish American War. The small cannons pointing north and south at the base are from Fort Sumter. Behind is the federal courthouse, still barricaded.
Broken Promise: the city’s acquiescence to the desecration and removal of The Promised Land surrenders an inherited legacy to its unworthy enemies

RACC subsidizes public art that is overwhelmingly woke, of course.

From a public art series on immigration
Fist, Kyra Watkins, 411 NW Park Ave

In 2020 at the same time the federal courthouse and police station were under nightly siege by what was already being fashioned a “racial reckoning” in the media, the new Multnomah County Courthouse was being completed a few blocks over. Heavy wood barriers went and remain up to protect the building and its tall glass front.

Similar plywood barriers throughout town had become canvases for BLM and associated graffiti art already. Many murals of varying degrees of crudeness remain up as of this writing; Apple reclaimed its downtown store only after spending a year wrapped in and then donating the impromptu George Floyd mural that went up on its protective barriers, to a local BLM outfit, so as not to be seen as desecrating the art. The store now resembles a prison gate, behind tall, steel-framed fencing anchored by concrete blocks.

A black judge invited schoolchildren to paint a mural on the boards put up to protect the new courthouse from peaceful protest vandalism. Thus was born the “aspirations for justice” mural project (because the current system of law can only be seen as aspiring to, never serving justice):

Inspired by art popping up around the city in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Judge Oden-Orr called for a mural centered on racial justice to fill some of the space on the temporary walls outside the courthouse. Judge Oden-Orr said he feels strongly that, in all moments but particularly this one, it is the responsibility of the court to educate youth on their civil rights and to encourage engagement and activism. So, in fall of 2020 he began hosting conversations with youth from organizations across the Portland metro area.

“Apple stands in support of the artists and all who are fighting for social and racial justice,” 
“…but we’ll be standing behind this”
Multnomah County Courthouse, 1200 SW 1st Ave

Grotesque Diversity kitsch increasingly replaces the old settler history aesthetic here; the city leads the nation in historical self-abnegation. It’s difficult to imagine a greater betrayal of a city’s founders and settler stock, with the comfortable decadents of the present tossing aside their sacrifice with an expression of distaste and giving their legacy over to the malicious and mediocre.

Still, the field for the statue-toppling and school re-naming legacy levelers remains target rich. Why, I just passed a street named “Custer” the other day. So much work still to be done!

Down and Out in Portland October 22: Misery under the New Order

Old Town
Central Eastside Industrial District
Third Avenue and Alder, downtown
Fourth Ave, downtown. This person remained in place like this for at least two days.
Downtown. She is rising from the overturned pedestal of a George Washington statue toppled in summer 2020. Behind her is the German American Society of Portland where the statue stood since 1926
Downtown riverfront
From before the 2020 rioting; downtown
Resistance. Apple Store, 2020
Chapman Square; Justice Center in the background
. From 2020. After the city removed a 120 year-old elk statue and fountain here to save it from antifa’s nightly bonfires, the anarchists erected makeshift replacements, beginning with their “Evil Elk”, which was taken as a trophy by patriots. This was the last iteration, toppled here by black thugs during their shakedown of the “Jail Support” tent encampment nearby.
From before 2020, near PSU across the street from a former antifa house.
Louis Vuitton, store downtown, 2020
Chapman Park downtown, 2020
Pre-2020; Such graffiti claiming Portland for antifa’s “4th Brigade” disappeared with the ascent of George Floyd and BLM
.”The Promised Land” statue commemorating settlers, since removed. Lonsdale Park, with the Justice Center in the background. 2020

Standards, Disparity and Equilibrium

White American and black American culture have always been largely distinct. Until recently, as a matter of course, the European Christian “white” cultural standard determined the nature of our society and law. It had to, just as any nation and society has to have a similar basis. Before the civil rights era of the sixties this was taken for granted. In the time since critical theory working through media propaganda has moved heaven and earth to invert this reality, making commonplace the assumption that the European basis for our civilization is dysfunctional and unnatural, created with the express intent of controlling non-whites, even somehow anticipating in its earliest form the arrival of blacks and the necessity of keeping them down. Black criminality and mediocrity are cited as proof of the dysfunctional nature our society–not, God forbid, the dysfunctional nature of black American society.

Critical race and associated theory operate by identifying the white European origins of what is normative in our society and casting them as unnatural, transgressions against a universalist order with no basis in ethnicity–or reality. Something that has never existed anywhere and the appeal of which is hard to see, if you’re not invested in the destruction of this particular society and order.

This model assuming a vague, lost Eden to which we would, will, naturally default once the unnatural order of “white supremacy” is removed (somehow as durable as it is unnatural) applies throughout progressive theory; feminism for instance proceeds as if “patriarchy” was a trick the men pulled at some point, upsetting the natural non-patriarchal order–to which feminism seeks to return us, never finally, for that would end the game, but over and over. Yet just as America would not exist without its European origins, society would not exist if pre-civilizational tribes had attempted “equality” between men and women–ignoring the demands of pregnancy and child-rearing in pre-technological society.

Men, having created the modern world relieving women of the demands of reproduction that nature saddled them with, are now being thrown under the bus for their trouble; feminist theory exists in large part to obscure the reality of male invention freeing women from drudgery. Feminism also has its attendant mythology of lost matriarchal civilizations, even finding presumed matriarchies in the animal kingdom. Ethnic theory likewise spins tales of the “hidden” contributions of minorities and of great non-white civilizations–Wakanda. Likewise, white Europeans, having created the modern world, are now to be thrown under the historical bus. They are inconvenient to the narrative and their achievements are an affront.

The difference between black and white culture has always been the true source of the racial disparity in incarceration, as undeniable now as it is unmentionable. Like the definition of family, also distinct between white and black, a culture’s definition of the criminal is essential. A savage beating taken as a serious violent crime in all but the most degenerated white communities is nearly routine in the black hood. The disparity in violent crime rates must in fact under-reflect the disparity in violent behavior between white and black

The tension created by police enforcing white cultural norms in black environments has always been the ultimate source of black rage against police and the legal system; in addition to the stress of laboring under white standards of justice, it’s seen as an insult. BLM and the movement to defund the police is from one angle the struggle for preeminence between white and black value systems, and is producing two partly separate systems of justice, one white one black, under the guise of eliminating police brutality. If the result was merely driving police and attendant white norms out of black neighborhoods, as is happening, it would be bad enough, but the fact is we cannot segregate, even without the progressive left’s determination to prevent it. So the effect is a two-tiered system establishing black norms for black people but not white norms for white people, who in fact are stranded in this new order.

In an all-white context there is no pressure on authorities to adopt the black standard; a white criminal is just a criminal. The movement against “mass incarceration” on the other hand, driven to reduce black prison terms at all cost and led by elected officials and district attorneys, means that in an all black environment a criminal is not necessarily a criminal. In conflicts between white and black actors, the white party is held to one standard–often impossible to meet–and the black to another.

Problems occur, over and over, when blacks, now dimly aware of the privilege assigned them to assert their own cultural norms, take their application of these norms in broader society as an essential right. Overwhelmingly issues of alleged police brutality involve black people who simply refuse to comply with white standards of decency and submit to arrest.

The truth is a wholly black “America”, left to its own devices, would eventually settle into a system with harsher laws and customs. Chaos can’t go on forever. In our perverse environment, where we cannot acknowledge the true problem, that natural process is prevented from happening. Black America’s culture of the criminal is sustained by this unnatural order of things. The ongoing, enforced misunderstanding of that criminal culture as the result of the law and order it opposes is the mechanism by which law and order is being eroded. The two competing standards, white and black, cannot co-exist; eventually one or the other has to give or, as is planned for us, a third way establishing a sort of racial privilege for blacks must–ironically just what they contend we have regarding whites.

I first thought of this years ago, when listening to the classic Wu Tang album 36 Chambers, when this piece of flotsam surfaced, in the random fashion lyrics appear in rap songs:

…then Bernhard Goetz what he deserves”

I realized Goetz, the half-Jewish New Yorker who raised a national scandal when he shot four black thugs about to mug him, had done nothing so much as adopt the same ethic as those very rappers, the celebration of which the lyrics here interrupt to condemn him. That ethic holds that the weaker party in a fight can avail himself of a weapon. No gangsta would condemn another for using a gun against four assailants; he wouldn’t call it cowardly and he wouldn’t call it criminal. The right to use a weapon when otherwise at a disadvantage is a core value of the gangsta worldview; it’s even somewhat defensible, when the alternative, for an average black boy in the hood, is to be bullied, often literally to death.

Bernhard’s crime was not in defending himself but doing it while white, and against blacks. What the Wu Tang rapper should have said was that the gangsta form of justice is proprietary, for me and not thee, white boy.

Blacks are becoming supra-citizens, enjoying not-yet explicit legal privileges denied whites.   Non-black non-whites appropriate some of this license by mimicking the narrative–carefully, and often with a tributary nod toward black supremacy.  A latino can easily take advantage of the police racism narrative built up to elevate blacks, and the media system, with the automatic efficiency that a culture of something has over a conspiracy of something, accepts but assigns it a lower level of hysterical amplification, and the paler brown pays a tribute, like lesser mafiosi “giving a taste” to the Don. When Al Sharpton shows up in solidarity with a given non-black anti-white grift, the paler browns are “kicking up”.

Chicago DA Kim Foxx advanced the cause of black-values-for-black people when declining to prosecute the combatants in a deadly shootout, citing “mutual combat“. Notably, whites aren’t allowed the mutual combat excuse when fighting among themselves, and definitely not if engaged even in defensive combat against black aggression.  Only the clearest example of self defense, at least for the moment, will excuse the cursed white who raises a hand to a blessed black. 

Remarkably, despite the shootout in Chicago in which over a hundred shots were fired and a stolen vehicle crashed and set ablaze (a totally unnecessary and stupid attempt to destroy evidence, apparently) in a residential neighborhood, the DA’s derelict prosecutors recognized no right of the public to reasonable security.  Instead they made the remarkable calculation that if no offense is committed by either criminal party against the other (when blacks are involved), no crime was committed.  In the old order the warring factions would be recognized, at least, as entering into a criminal conspiracy with their “mutual combat”, like illegal dueling, without the honor that leaves innocent third parties out of it.  “The people versus” the criminal is a dead phrase.

A black boy who recently shot up his classroom after getting beat up wasn’t characterized in the media as a “school shooter” but a bullied teen. Indeed the case wasn’t typical of a “school shooting”, but of black mayhem. Fortunately the bully was black (of course); had the shooter’s bully been white he likely would be a hero and the school picketed. The fact is the shooter adopted the gangsta ethic, and as a black boy he’s allowed to. Needless to say, if all parties were white or, God forbid, the situation involved a white shooter and black bullies (and many school shootings do, as in Columbine, where the shooters sought out jocks and blacks), the media line would bear little resemblance to the one we see.

In this environment redemption too looks different depending on the shade of your skin. An NBA executive thus loses no position in broader society at the same time he gains credibility by revealing a murder he committed as a sixteen year-old. Despite being convicted of the crime the issue never came up; the “white” society said to be obsessed with criminalizing blacks and thus holding them back was incurious, and now can only congratulate him for what would appall them if they found it out about a white man.

In Oregon an aspiring rapper invoked his privilege by hitting on a man’s girlfriend in his presence, The white man refused to recognize that privilege so the would-be Jay-Z started a fight and was shot and killed by the white guy. As Andrew Anglin pointed out, it all looked very much like “mutual combat”; the local district attorney, sensing opportunity, has decided to feature it as white supremacy, citing the long history of lynching black men for interest in white women.

But “mutual combat”, difficult enough for whites engaging with aggressive, tougher and more reckless blacks, is not legally possible for white people. We are to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Into this wonderful future we go.

Hunter’s Laptop is a Force for Good

Joe Biden appears to me to be a man with no real convictions who has “sold his soul” to be president, by adopting without thought the radical goals of the post-Trump Democratic Party (or simply agreeing to be a figurehead for them).

And that is certainly true. But with the new revelations about Hunter’s Laptop (can I get a band named that?) I realize those for whom Joe acts as a front have a hell of a cudgel to keep him in line:

A former federal prosecutor and expert on money laundering and criminal tax law tells that if money was flowing between Hunter and his father, that could make Joe a target of the probe – but that investigators would have a tough time sitting down with the president…

John Cassara, a former U.S. Intelligence Officer and Treasury Special Agent who is an expert in money laundering investigations, said that were Joe not president, he would probably be in prosecutors’ crosshairs by now along with his son.

If, somehow, Joe Biden developed integrity and opposed any of the serial abuses of power coming out of “his” office, he would be instantly reminded of his vulnerability to prosecution, if he hasn’t already. He has the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head, in the form of Hunter’s hard-on.

He appears to be in the very position regarding the Deep State the Russia-gate hoaxsters alleged Trump was in regarding the Russians–someone holds the “dirt” on and controls him. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Portland Dispatch 9.20.21

A thousand people descended on Oregon’s capitol to protest the governor’s mandate firing all health care and school workers and volunteers who aren’t vaccinated by October 18.

An estimated 1,000 people rallied at the Oregon Capitol Saturday to protest COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates.

Protesters identified themselves as health care workers, teachers, emergency services workers and state employees.

Gov. Kate Brown has ordered those groups to be vaccinated by Oct. 18.

Rally-goers lined both sides of Court Street in front of the Capitol building, and filled the first block of the mall during about two hours of speeches, then marched through downtown Salem during the peaceful event. Salem Police estimated the number of participants at about 1,000.

“Apparently I’m not essential anymore. On Oct. 18, Gov. Kate Brown’s going to take my job,” said Adam Cunningham, an instructor at the Oregon State Police Academy. “I’ll be terminated because I refuse to give her and the state information about my personally held religious beliefs and my medical history.”

The governor announced the executive action on August 11, taking away the testing option for employees.  She also restored mask mandates inside and outdoors.  As an employer the governor can require state employees to take the injection, but I don’t know how she’s allowed to require it for hospital workers or (presumably covered by the mandate) private school teachers.

Kids are returning to school here soon and already have in parts of the state.  Outbreaks (two or more cases within a month) of the Delta variant in newly reopened schools in southern Oregon are being cited for the new rules and more to come.  This seems to follow a pattern nationwide as the pro-vax narrative turns to the eventual compulsory vaccination of children.  The governor would not rule out mandating them for schoolkids once they acquire FDA approval.

There are more children hospitalized with COVID-19 in Oregon than at any point in the pandemic. They’re also making up a larger proportion of the total cases, at 12.7%. And despite the availability of vaccines, more cases are spreading in 12- to17-year-olds than any other group of children.

Brown sidestepped giving a direct answer when asked if she might mandate vaccines for school children older than 12 once the COVID-19 vaccines receive full approval from the Food and Drug Administration. “All options remain on the table,” she said.

The focus on children seems to be a national trend for the vaccine push, and the governor’s actions are supported by Oregon’s teacher’s union.  Hospitals support mandatory vaccinations as well and are moving aggressively, but the nurse’s union is against it.  Meanwhile cases have peaked here, as they have everywhere else, and from a certain vantage the fervor over schools and potential outbreaks appears as if to keep the hysterical narrative going.

Sunday’s protest was organized by the Oregonians for Medical Freedom PAC organized by health care workers to oppose vaccine mandates, not by the local Proud Boy affiliates (as virtually all non-antifa demonstrations of the last few years).  As a result the rally didn’t draw the usual anarchist counter-protest and in their absence the mood on the ground, according to a friend, was “electric” among a crowd of “non-fringe, ordinary” people, making the patriots’ last effort look like “child’s play”.

 The rightwing patriot groups have been intrepid but inept (and isolated) in their efforts and don’t appear to have the human capital to move beyond their street-level actions.  If there’s more to the movement that announced itself yesterday, the progressive uniparty running our Democratic super-majority state may have real problems, finally. 

Pozztown Police Blotter

Don’t call it an officer involved shooting, call it officer involved diversity!

Local lefties think it’s the height of cleverness whenever the police announce an “officer involved shooting” to ask “how was the officer involved?” and this would work well if they didn’t traffic in so much passive language themselves (my favorite is the characterization of black youths being “impacted by” the violence they engage in).

The Portland Police Bureau appears to have at least one Jewish/Latino partner combo out there patrolling the streets, Gellman and Alvarez. Both fired their weapons early Sunday morning when arresting a truck thief.

The officers who fired their weapons in this incident are Officer Ivan Alvarez and Officer Jonah Gellman. Both officers have been with the Portland Police Bureau since November 2019. The involved officers will be interviewed within 48 hours of the incident. The officers will remain on paid administrative leave until the completion of the investigation.

This update also reflects the full and correct spelling of the suspect’s name.



The suspect in this case, 27-year-old Andreas Julian Pavel Boinay, has been booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center for Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Reckless Driving, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, and Attempt to Elude in a Vehicle…

On September 12, 2021 at about 1:37 a.m., Portland Police were dispatched following the report that a pickup truck had just been stolen from near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Ash Street. After several minutes officers found the stolen pickup near Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard.

A Portland Police air unit began watching the truck as the suspect drove through southeast Portland, into northeast Portland along Hwy 99 and then onto Interstate 5 northbound into Washington state at about 2:12 a.m. The air unit provided updates that the suspect was driving at high speeds, sometimes into oncoming traffic, and that the pickup nearly crashed into other traffic on more than one occasion.

The suspect drove the pickup in Washington State for about ten minutes, then drove back into Oregon on Interstate 5 south. The suspect drove across the Fremont Bridge into northwest Portland and then west up West Burnside Street to Southwest Barnes Road. The suspect drove north on Northwest Miller Road to Northwest Ash Street, which is a dead end.

Officers converged on the suspect in the pickup in the 8300 block of Northwest Ash Street and at about 2:38 a.m. broadcast that shots had been fired. Officers took the suspect into custody and provided first aid until medical personnel arrived.

The suspect was transported to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for a non-life threatening gunshot wound. The suspect is an male adult and will be identified after he is booked into jail.

Two officers discharged firearms. By directive, the officers involved will be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and will be interviewed within 48 hours. The names of involved officers will be released tomorrow. No officers were harmed during this incident.

Despite the promising name Andreas Julian Pavel Boinay appears to be another white tweaker, previously arrested in Clackamas south of Portland on drug charges. No controversy surrounds the shooting and he’s drawn a slate of of charges of course. I suspect it’s actually a little more treacherous for the white criminal in Portland now–you’re the guy a progressive District Attorney like Mike Schmidt can charge as much as he likes, thrown as a sop to police and other remaining adults, without angering his progressive supporters.

The tattoo appears to be new.

The Hispanic-Hebraic duo of Alvarez and Gellman should be promoted by the Bureau looking to brush up its image with the painfully progressive city. I’m offering my services writing a glowing profile (under a pen-name of course, probably as a young Jewish-Latinx they-person). Perhaps a reality show riding along with the guys? Think about it PPB. Couldn’t be any worse than the attempts I’ve seen so far, and we all know they haven’t worked:

“Women’s March”, 1/21/2017, Portland Oregon

Barring that a sitcom or film of their antics. I’m reminded of another movie I’ve never seen, Freebie and the Bean, about a Latino and, maybe, Jewish detective pair. The Latino is played by the Jewish Alan Arkin and the other is played by the Jewish James Caan, who often plays Italians. I can’t be expected to go watch a dark comedy by Richard Rush that is a favorite of Quentin Tarantino, of course, so any similarities will be incidental.

Portland Saturday Night

Happened upon this around 1:00 AM. Portland Police cordoned off dozens of blocks around, presumably, a suspect’s car, abandoned on Burnside eastbound at Third Ave. The car sat with doors open and a shoe on the ground on each side; they didn’t match. Police left the area cordoned off from around 12:30, when a massive police response descended on the intersection. I’m assuming this investigation has to with a shooting that took place a few blocks over, in the upscale (but increasingly) shabby Pearl neighborhood.

From Portland Police Bureau…

Three people are recovering from gunfire related injuries after a shooting inside and outside of a busy restaurant in the Pearl District Neighborhood. On Saturday, September 4, 2021, at 1:19p.m., Central Precinct officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting at Northwest 10th Avenue and Northwest Davis Street. When they arrived, they did not locate any victims but found evidence of gunfire and a significant number of people in the area. It took a significant number of officers to secure the crime scene.

Crews from the Portland Bureau of Transportation assisted officers with traffic control. Officers soon after learned that three people had arrived at local hospitals with gunshot wounds. One adult female and 2 juvenile (teenage) males were treated for injuries that are non-life threatening. Officers confirmed the injured were connected to the Pearl District shooting. The Enhanced Community Safety Team responded to the scene. Preliminary investigation indicates that a verbal argument led to a physical fight between a group of known people inside the restaurant. Shots were fired and the group moved outside the restaurant where more shots were fired. Investigators have confirmed the three people injured were a part of the prior confrontation and there’s no indication any bystanders were struck. One adult male was detained for the investigation and a gun (photo) was seized as evidence. No charges have been filed at this point.

Detectives believe that several people left the scene without waiting to speak to police.

Police in the broad cordoned off area engaged in a search for evidence on the ground and maybe a suspect. NIghtlife continued bumping along just north of the event.