The Last White Celebrity

Taylor Swift hasn’t come out and said she’s okay with being white, of course, but she hasn’t explicitly denied it either, and just look at her. There is something to the coincidence of the “Okay to be White” trolling and the renewed intensity of the anti-Swift movement now. Like the other components of the Left, blackContinue reading “The Last White Celebrity”

Diversity’s Third Act Problem

Via Steve Sailer, here’s an ad for the Democratic candidate in Virginia’s gubernatorial race depicting the state’s whites as Jim Crow rednecks running down doe-eyed diversi-youth in pickup trucks flying Confederate flags, Gadsden plates and–like a punchline–Ed Gillespie for Governor stickers. Each representative of the new diversity wakes up from the same nightmare! The nightmareContinue reading “Diversity’s Third Act Problem”

Masters of the Moral Universe and the Leveraged Shakedown

Via Steve Sailer, the New York Times reports approvingly on members of the Congressional Black Caucus invoking black privilege to shake down Facebook. For more than an hour, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s high-profile chief operating officer, sheepishly pledged to “do better” — over and over — as stern-faced members of the Congressional Black Caucus grilled her onContinue reading “Masters of the Moral Universe and the Leveraged Shakedown”

Cowboys and Insinuations

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and allies have charged General Kelly’s “empty barrel” remark is racist. Everyone laughed: there’s no traditional connotation between the two. But I like to think Kelly’s opponents get it, just like I do: an “empty barrel” making a lot of noise is a black mediocrity making of herself a spectacle. Weary whitesContinue reading “Cowboys and Insinuations”

When Dindu Meets GI Joe

Those charging that General Flynn’s criticism of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is racist aren’t entirely wrong. I don’t take racism as it’s defined seriously, and I don’t imagine the general is personally “racist” or motivated by racial animus. But in adding to his criticism of her behavior towards Trump the charge of an earlier graceless publicContinue reading “When Dindu Meets GI Joe”

Convention is a Cult

Evangelical Christianity surged in the wake of the Sixties, providing a home for that decade’s first casualties, and others. By 1976 it was mainstream enough that liberal Jimmy Carter could claim it without harm (there was a bit of snickering, I recall, as well as at the new term “Born Again Christianity”). At the timeContinue reading “Convention is a Cult”

Gettin’ Paid

The meek passivity with which the white Left has absorbed the aggressive entitlement of “black lives” wreckers harassing the Sanders campaign (the socialist has real-life counter-revolutionary wreckers, but he can’t say it!) reveals a new stage in the ever-evolving Democratic coalition of the fringes.Addicted to black outrage, the party is compelled to adopt an organizational modelContinue reading “Gettin’ Paid”

The Importance of Legacy

From Steve Sailer: ABN comments I get the sense that there is a lot of psychic stress experienced by the Talented Tenth, i.e. bourgeois middle-class blacks like Ta-Nahesi Coates. They basically live among white people according to white norms, but this creates in them a need to “keep it real” by defending and excusing the dysfunctionContinue reading “The Importance of Legacy”

The Narrate-o-Matic and the Real Enemy

Alternet has found the remedy for the inconvenient politics of Craig Stephen Hicks. That remedy is to stop pretending politics–at least those of the killer–have anything to do with it. In “Angry, Armed and White” the mask slips: We can safely say that Craig Stephen Hicks fits the profile of the most common type ofContinue reading “The Narrate-o-Matic and the Real Enemy”

Tied in Knots

“Ban the box” is a movement to outlaw employers asking applicants if they have a criminal history, motivated largely by the disparate impact it has on non-Asian minorities due to their higher rates of incarceration. According to the Guardian link above, it’s necessary because of “research suggesting that three-quarters of employers admit to using aContinue reading “Tied in Knots”