"Well, ackshull-eee…"

Pat Buchanan, in cataloging the vortex of demagogy that is the still-young 2020 Democratic campaign for the presidency: At the end of a week where he withdrew his nominee to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement and saw the departure of his Secretary of Homeland Security, Trump, referring to the 175,000 migrants apprehended crossing the U.S. borderContinue reading “"Well, ackshull-eee…"”

Tongue Tied

New American problerms: It dangled from a branch for days, wrapped with bright ribbons and studded with large nails and oversize safety pins.It weathered and hardened from gray-black to a leathery brown. From a distance, as professionals and students walked past the tree at the west end of Palmer Square Park to trains and busesContinue reading “Tongue Tied”

Diversity’s Third Act Problem

Via Steve Sailer, here’s an ad for the Democratic candidate in Virginia’s gubernatorial race depicting the state’s whites as Jim Crow rednecks running down doe-eyed diversi-youth in pickup trucks flying Confederate flags, Gadsden plates and–like a punchline–Ed Gillespie for Governor stickers. Each representative of the new diversity wakes up from the same nightmare! The nightmareContinue reading “Diversity’s Third Act Problem”

The Soulless Statistician

Business Insider derides Americans’ fear of terrorism: “I once asked a guy at [the National Institutes of Health] how much we should spend on preventing a disease that kills 6 per year, and he looked at me like I was crazy,” John Mueller, a foreign policy expert at the Ohio State University and co-author ofContinue reading “The Soulless Statistician”

The Waiting

One more foul emanation of enforced diversity: that morbid interval after an act of mass violence, as we two increasingly divided sides of our split nation wait to learn the identity of the culprit and where the narrative impact will land. Diversity not only divides by placing entire communities of strangers in our midst, itContinue reading “The Waiting”

Palestinian-Portland Solidarity

One recurring presence among the signs and symbols in any Portland demonstration is the Palestinian flag, of course. Here it is sharing space with one of the more common specific themes of the new Trump-out demonstrations, the upside-down American flag: Portland has an active liberal Jewish community of course (I’ve suffered, and perversely enjoyed, theContinue reading “Palestinian-Portland Solidarity”

Colossus 2013

Revising the monument: Not like the noble works of Western fame, Of conquering race astride from land to land, Here at bloodied,graffitied gates now stands,A twerking harlot, some father’s shame, to proclaim: U S for Sale! Comprehensive Plan!“Yo World; may your spawn slander,reprimand, My breed, whose bequest, nonetheless, they’ll have,Keep,” mumble her collagened lips, “your fit. Pour: Your benighted, needy, your just plain bored! Your aggrieved, those eager to settle scores,Bloodied hands fleeing their criminalContinue reading “Colossus 2013”

Operation Embrace in Effect, Operation Dry Hump Standing By

According to USA Today, the mosque attended by the terrorist Tsarnaev brothers is a tad less liberal than its Boston surroundings: Several people who attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge, Mass., have been investigated for Islamic terrorism, including a conviction of the mosque’s first president, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, in connection with an assassinationContinue reading “Operation Embrace in Effect, Operation Dry Hump Standing By”