If You Lived Here You Would Be Homeless Now

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently announced he’s found a site for the first of six planned large-scale camps for the homeless. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, alongside other city leaders, announced the first possible location of a temporary alternative shelter site during a Thursday press conference, as part of his plan toContinue reading “If You Lived Here You Would Be Homeless Now”

Ted, Rested and Ready

Ted Wheeler’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take this any more. The Daily Mail: Portland‘s mayor turned on a left-wing activist who hijacked a council meeting to air her own views, telling her in exasperation: ‘Nobody really cares what you think.’ Ted Wheeler, a 60-year-old Democrat who took over the famously liberal city inContinue reading “Ted, Rested and Ready”

New Funky Pox Drops

A new gay disease has arrived via a “drug-resistant strain” of a bacteria that is spread through the ingestion of fecal matter, and newsreader gals are giggling when explaining rimming and other current gay-to-straight fads to le bourgeois. The white lady is courting trouble here calling the practice “very gross.” Yo, Karen, love is love.Continue reading “New Funky Pox Drops”

PDX Chaos and Decline Report 3.10.23

Feds’ antifa fantasy league. This article is paywalled, but the left is out to make hay over the feds even thinking about compiling dossiers on antifa rioters during the national George Floyd riots of 2020: Homeland Security’s top leaders initially wanted federal agents to compile intelligence reports — dubbed “baseball cards” — on “everyone participating”Continue reading “PDX Chaos and Decline Report 3.10.23”

Black Malice in da How-iss

Forcing on a people a morality at direct odds with their reality is a form of humiliation. When that reality is already a humiliation–here I speak of the routine violence Blacks! inflict on non-Blacks! and the attendant “morality” holding that whites and their culture routinely inflict violence on Black! people–it’s not too dramatic to thinkContinue reading “Black Malice in da How-iss”