Moldilocks and Muh Mental Health

A homeless Goldilocks in Portland is serially breaking into homes to sack out and stuff. “She started by going up to my neighbor two doors down and urinating on their porch, and then she came directly over to my house, came in, crawled up into the bed and that whole thing happened,” said Smith. “TheyContinue reading “Moldilocks and Muh Mental Health”

Gray Lady: Russia Hates Pussy, Hats

It’s likely been a while since you’ve thought about 2017’s “Women’s March” which bequeathed to posterity the “pussy hat”, or its prominent organizer Linda Sarsour (who wears a hijab–ironically a sort of anti pussy hat, representing sex roles and modesty in absolute opposition to feminism as expressed by the pussy hat; but who’s paying attention,Continue reading “Gray Lady: Russia Hates Pussy, Hats”

The Daily Obscurantist

News reports now often raise more interesting questions than they answer: PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is seeking help in tracking down a suspect who allegedly crashed into a deputy’s car. MCSO says that they have been performing a “safety mission” to reduce gun and traffic violence in East Multnomah County.Continue reading “The Daily Obscurantist”

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Street takeovers are common now in Portland, a Black! and brown thing that has migrated north out of California, drawing enthusiasts from the Willamette Valley’s surplus of white yahoos. Something like hip hop that way. They’ve been a deadly problem here since the BLM insurrection of 2020 ushered in Portland’s Racial Reckoning® and the consequentContinue reading “Where the Rubber Meets the Road”

Park Blocks Blues

She might be beautiful, mixed race with delicate Caucasian features on a small face framed in ringlets trickling out of her tied-up hair. She’s arguing with an imaginary companion who is proving difficult, they just won’t listen; she’s making a moral argument about something. This spectacle is so common I’d wager a good half ofContinue reading “Park Blocks Blues”

Dark Brandon Rises

they have built the electric chair and hired the executioner to throw the switch all right we are two nations America… –John Dos Passos, The Big Money Sacco and Vanzetti at least had defenders. They still have. Will we? Someone in the furtive Biden Administration, America’s first fully fake presidency, thought it would make aContinue reading “Dark Brandon Rises”

Urban Contemporary Combat

Dutch commandos from an elite anti-terrorism group in Indianapolis to study “urban combat” got a little impromptu live-fire training from some urban contemporary combatants: A Dutch commando has died after he and his two colleagues were wounded in a shooting outside a hotel in downtown Indianapolis over the weekend. The commando, who was in a critical conditionContinue reading “Urban Contemporary Combat”