Suicide Watch

The old joke Washington Post headline, “Meteor to Obliterate Earth, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit” works because it’s a fair description of a well worn media template, getting more worn by the day in our Current Year of Salon-Vox-Slate thumb-suckers: “social effect x occurs, protected class(es) disproportionately affected”. There’s always been an unacknowledged concomitant toContinue reading “Suicide Watch”

Racial Communism

Frame Game Radio on the current clampdown. Before the alt right and this new paradigm, whatever it is, words like “Nazi” and “communist” had already lost some meaning to overuse, so a phrase like “racial communism” now might not get the credit it deserves. It’s not just that the racial identity politics of the presentContinue reading “Racial Communism”

Take your Beating or be a Racist

Via Steve Sailer,here’s a Washington Post opinion piece on the real reason we shouldn’t arm teachers. One might defend himself: But putting guns into the hands of schoolteachers would be extraordinarily dangerous for black and Latino students, who are already often forced to try to learn in hostile environments where they’re treated as threats. How longContinue reading “Take your Beating or be a Racist”

Police Tactics and Performance Art

Characterizing last Saturday’s “free speech” demonstration in Boston as a dangerous “white supremacist” gathering, opposed by principled, peaceful protest, is an open conspiracy. The conspiracy isn’t just open to public view, it’s open to public participation. The mayor and media’s histrionics prompted tens of thousands to turn out, as if to a casting call for a reality show whereContinue reading “Police Tactics and Performance Art”

Appropriate that which is Appropriate

It’s important to understand we’re in the appropriation phase of “civil rights”, a period of wealth confiscation and privilege transfer from white to non-white. From culture to commerce new terms and limits are being rationalized as necessary racial justice as professions, cultural domains and even physical spaces are carved out from which whites are toContinue reading “Appropriate that which is Appropriate”

The Soulless Statistician

Business Insider derides Americans’ fear of terrorism: “I once asked a guy at [the National Institutes of Health] how much we should spend on preventing a disease that kills 6 per year, and he looked at me like I was crazy,” John Mueller, a foreign policy expert at the Ohio State University and co-author ofContinue reading “The Soulless Statistician”

War with the NEETs

The assault on Richard Spencer turns out to be a watershed moment for the Trump opposition. The response from the mainstream has gone all the way from tepid, qualified disapproval to enthusiastic cheering. Then cultural figures joined in, most notably when an Emmy Awards audience applauded an award-winner’s visceral call for more. It isn’t asContinue reading “War with the NEETs”

Movement Aesthetic and Action

Standards are necessarily discriminatory. The higher the standard, the more discriminatory. The more standards society maintains the more discriminatory that society is. The idea of discrimination is now discredited, due to the elevation of individual and minority rights. There is no morality above individual self-esteem or the group esteem of favored minorities. Standards of beautyContinue reading “Movement Aesthetic and Action”


The proverbial shit got real when demonstraters against President Trump’s “Muslim ban” shutting down Portland’s airport attacked a tiny group of counter-protesters and knocked a man unconscious. The mob was barely contained as they cheered the assault (from Infowars): News accounts are describing the counter-demonstrators as pro-Trump but that isn’t entirely accurate. This is theContinue reading “Escalation”

The Waiting

One more foul emanation of enforced diversity: that morbid interval after an act of mass violence, as we two increasingly divided sides of our split nation wait to learn the identity of the culprit and where the narrative impact will land. Diversity not only divides by placing entire communities of strangers in our midst, itContinue reading “The Waiting”