"Well, ackshull-eee…"

Pat Buchanan, in cataloging the vortex of demagogy that is the still-young 2020 Democratic campaign for the presidency: At the end of a week where he withdrew his nominee to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement and saw the departure of his Secretary of Homeland Security, Trump, referring to the 175,000 migrants apprehended crossing the U.S. borderContinue reading “"Well, ackshull-eee…"”

Late Night Nostalgia

I’ve long been a fan of electronic music. One of the first dj/producer auteurs to capture my fancy was Jack Dangers, who records with a rotating collective of fellow artists under the unfortunate name Meat Beat Manifesto.The name is not a reference to masturbation (at least directly) but to militant veganism and animal rights. AContinue reading “Late Night Nostalgia”

Media v Media

Google’s Perspective algorithm is a tool for censoring “toxic” speech based on word combinations that isn’t effective enough for censorship proponents. (Who come mostly from media. Oliver Darcy’s efforts on CNN were crucial to the campaign to ban Alex Jones. They should just give him the Pulitzer. Come on, msm, you know you want to.) CableContinue reading “Media v Media”

In with the Incel Crowd

I’m not surprised by the lack of sympathy for incels. It’s to be expected. It isn’t like sexual failure is a moral failing now–it’s worse than that, because it’s evolutionary failure, the ultimate failure. The same logic behind nice guys finishing last is behind our disdain of them. Avoiding association with the evolutionary loser isContinue reading “In with the Incel Crowd”

Wahabbism is a Social Construct

Jeffrey Golberg interviews Saudi Arabian crown prince and ruler Mohammed bin Salman in the Atlantic The prince, in my conversation with him, divided the Middle East into two warring camps: what he called the “triangle of evil,” consisting of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Sunni terror groups; and an alliance of self-described moderate states that includesContinue reading “Wahabbism is a Social Construct”

Six Degrees of Literally Hitler

So far the clampdown on right wing speech continues to expand, with virtually no resistance from elected officials, including the president. Not only are platforms shutting down political content, the old-fashioned means of chilling speech through public shaming has become more aggressive. Guilt by association gets more invasive and tenuous at the same time guiltContinue reading “Six Degrees of Literally Hitler”