Follow the Money

The revolution will have to be monetized. Diversity is monetized because corporate America sees the growing non-white population as the future. Once the demographic shift in the US was set in motion, business had no choice but to pursue the new non-white consumer dollar. Its long-term planning necessarily became modeled on that population shift. ItContinue reading “Follow the Money”

Two Goys and a Jew

Good Torah Talk with the irrepressible iconoclast Luke Ford and Casey the Classicist. Prominent guests next week. 0:15 Sukkot. 2:15 The subject today, Andrew Joyce’s essay, The Alt Right and the Homosexual Question. 3:05 Luke opens talking about Dennis Prager’s essay from 1989, Judaism, Homosexuality and Civilization: When Judaism demanded that all sexual activity be channeled intoContinue reading “Two Goys and a Jew”

What’s in a Name?

In denying Robert Lee a desirable assignment because his name incidentally causes a (questionable) racial offense between two groups, neither of which he belongs to, did ESPN violate civil rights law? Lee is discriminated against by default: Asian man can’t do this (granted, very particular, silly-ass) thing, because it would constitute an offense upon blacks by whites. Well,Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”

Today in Dispossession

Yesterday at the annual Netroots Nation conference a white candidate for the Democratic nomination for Georgia governor was “de-platformed“, in-the-parlance-of-our-time, when a gang of black activists surrounded her and shouted her down, demanding we “trust black women.” Stacey Evans is a state House representative running for governor against Stacey Abrams, Who Is Black, Peace Be Upon HerContinue reading “Today in Dispossession”

Appropriate that which is Appropriate

It’s important to understand we’re in the appropriation phase of “civil rights”, a period of wealth confiscation and privilege transfer from white to non-white. From culture to commerce new terms and limits are being rationalized as necessary racial justice as professions, cultural domains and even physical spaces are carved out from which whites are toContinue reading “Appropriate that which is Appropriate”

Hijab Hullabaloo

Steve Sailer has been speculating Shepard Fairey’s current obsession with the hijab is something of a sexual fetish, and Fairey’s choice of a beautiful woman in ruby red lipstick that might get her arrested in one of the more moderate Muslim countries certainly suggests it is, at least, for him and other young straight maleContinue reading “Hijab Hullabaloo”

The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button

Yesterday Steve Sailer noted today how Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning’s gender dysphoria, having gone from footnote to forefront during his incarceration along with the rise of the trans rights movement, is now seen by fashionable convention as a legitimate sympathy factor favoring President Obama’s commutation of his sentence, as evidenced by the New York Times: It’sContinue reading “The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button”

Thanks for Everything, F— You

The Nazis and the old Soviet Union assigned political officers to military units to enforce ideological conformity. The Stasi was legendary for getting civilians to inform on each other for the slightest breaches of ideology–what we would call political correctness. Needless to say, we would never do any such thing. We don’t need commissars toContinue reading “Thanks for Everything, F— You”

Sorrows of Diversity

Plentiful as cheap organisms Undeveloped in the bosom of a nation……you’re one of us–My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, On This Rack According to police a heartwarmingly diverse duo in Seattle aspired to be a duskier, dumber Leopold and Loeb: Sometime before 6 a.m. on Oct. 12, two men forced their way into a house inContinue reading “Sorrows of Diversity”