Just Sayin’ you can’t Just Say That

Is this for real? Donald Trump retweeted three video clips of anti-white Muslim aggression, without comment. Instantly the news cycle was convulsed. Trump’s tweets course through the neural pathways of the system like dopamine. The outrage seized on the source, a British woman facing jail for speaking against Muslim immigration. Guilt by association always helpsContinue reading “Just Sayin’ you can’t Just Say That”

What’s in a Name?

In denying Robert Lee a desirable assignment because his name incidentally causes a (questionable) racial offense between two groups, neither of which he belongs to, did ESPN violate civil rights law? Lee is discriminated against by default: Asian man can’t do this (granted, very particular, silly-ass) thing, because it would constitute an offense upon blacks by whites. Well,Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”

Criminalizing Context Recognition

It had to end here. The Trayvonicus lynch-meme sputters on, but is starting to look like a particularly depressing Al Sharpton hoax as we learn George Zimmerman’s injuries were documented and consistent with a beating. Eyewitnesses testified to them from the start of course, but most Americans have only the legal discovery process to thank forContinue reading “Criminalizing Context Recognition”

The Business End of Empathy

McClatchy is reporting that liberal advocacy groups are going after the lead plaintiff in the Ricci case, who is expected to be called to testify at this week’s confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee Sonya Sotomayor: On Friday, citing in an e-mail “Frank Ricci’s troubled and litigious work history,” the liberal advocacy group People forContinue reading “The Business End of Empathy”