The Assumption Assumption

Via Steve Sailer, the story of maybe the most egregious Me Too takedown yet, of open software innovator Richard Stallman. From Jack Baruth  “Wait,” some of you are saying, “that’s right! Jeffrey Epstein had a rape island! I’d forgotten all about it, what with Epstein’s convenient suicide and some remarkably media-friendly mass shootings occurring right as justiceContinue reading “The Assumption Assumption”

White Women Wantonly Whiting

Via Steve Sailer, the Twitter account for feminist advocacy group “Women’s March”: “White women gonna white” appears to be a theme. From the organization’s website: We are outraged. We are organized. They forgot that 5 million women lit the world on fire two years ago. On January 19, 2019, we’re going to remind them when we floodContinue reading “White Women Wantonly Whiting”

Predator, Prey

None other than the New York Times has exposed, it would seem, the hypocrisy of early #MeToo leader Asia Argento. Only now I learn her struggle: she was compelled to fake orgasm to get Harvey Weinstein’s face out of her vagina, just like Rose McGowan before her, except Argento maintained a consensual sexual relationship with Weinstein forContinue reading “Predator, Prey”

Sex and Betrayal

The public humiliation of Aziz Ansari marks the “me too” sexual inquisition’s escalation into prosecuting romantic and sexual disappointment. Women are compelled to sexual excess at the same time they are absolved of any responsibility for their safety. Birth control enabled widespread sexual license, which has in turn engendered crises for both masculinity and femininity,Continue reading “Sex and Betrayal”

Careful What You Bitch For

Feminism rescued woman from her dependence on men. Nevertheless she persisted. She keeps persisting away at depending on men. Beneath all the noise the ongoing Hollywood sexual harassment scandal documents the present of an age-old practice, women depending on sex to advance in male-dominated fields (and they’re all male-dominated). That’s why “male dominated fields” existContinue reading “Careful What You Bitch For”