Follow the Money

The revolution will have to be monetized.

Diversity is monetized because corporate America sees the growing non-white population as the future. Once the demographic shift in the US was set in motion, business had no choice but to pursue the new non-white consumer dollar. Its long-term planning necessarily became modeled on that population shift. It became invested. And advertising became propaganda for diversity.

Leaving aside the cultural and political forces that brought us here, American business is invested in the diverse future because that’s where the consumers will be.

It gladly cooperates with government social engineering, which is itself massively monetized, and its advertising, in appealing directly to minorities over declining and taken-for-granted whites, over-represents them wildly. This poz propaganda (pozprop?) thus reinforces the confidence of the non-white consumers and further demoralizes whites.

Corporate America is invested in diversity because of demographics. But all profit really needs is demographic increase, not replacement. All of this came to mind while watching this from Frame Game Radio:

Regardless of how it got there, Disney remains invested in the diverse new order because that’s where the money is. It won’t be detached from it unless there’s money elsewhere. White identity and reproduction need to be monetized at some point soon for white Americans to rehabilitate themselves as a people.

Recently Team Diversity was alarmed by new projections deferring that Glorious Moment when white America loses majority status by five whole years. A demographic shift accomplished overnight by historical standards–and they’re angry and alarmed at this speed bump. Trump is deliberately trying to raise the percentage of the white population!

It wasn’t good for morale. On the other hand, it’s good (if not huge) for the morale of beleaguered whites. Ten years would be even better.  Right now, most whites remain conditioned against explicit racial awareness, and prohibited from speaking in favor of it. But that’s changing along with the increasing intensity of anti-white culture that’s found a focus point in the “Resistance”,  itself aroused by the stirrings of white identity that is Trump, which, following the hate spiral back in time, was really produced by long years of anti-white propaganda culminating in the disaster for whites and racial comity in general that was Barack Obama.

Team Diversity points out correctly it matters little because whites aren’t having babies and non-whites are. Right now white Americans who aren’t utterly de-sensitized see the projected future before them–as represented by film, television and advertising–as non-white. It’s made to seem inevitable. But white cultural identity is taking shape, and it’s only a matter of time before someone realizes there’s a dollar to be made there.

Implicitly white artists are emerging (against their own wishes), and at least one recent project, Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods”, appears as, at least, an unashamed celebration of rural white origins.

“Man of the Woods” was panned by critics and called out as problematic by the usual sources, but is proving popular. There’s a cultural market out there business is afraid to go after. Diversity remains monetized, but all of a sudden there’s…this. Money that has to be left on the table. Whatever the case, Justin Timberlake and any like him need to be encouraged in this direction.

Combining a cultural shift with sensible policies that at least do not subsidize non-white birthrates, would at the very least push that day of demographic reckoning wherein whites slip into a despised plurality farther still into the future. It’s worth it just to see the look on their faces.

Who knows, before long, with rehabilitated white birthrates and depressed non-white birthrates, we might even be talking about a demographic shift back. If you will it, it is not a dream, as the man said.

Let the demographic bomb pass through the nation like a pig through a python. You may say I’m a dreamer…

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