The Assumption Assumption

Via Steve Sailer, the story of maybe the most egregious Me Too takedown yet, of open software innovator Richard Stallman. From Jack Baruth  “Wait,” some of you are saying, “that’s right! Jeffrey Epstein had a rape island! I’d forgotten all about it, what with Epstein’s convenient suicide and some remarkably media-friendly mass shootings occurring right as justiceContinue reading “The Assumption Assumption”

Portland and the Trans-valuation of Values

Via James LaFond’s blog, here’s Portlander Tony on Saturday’s citywide political dispute:  I believe your pioneering efforts in the art or crowbar fighting have begun to gain some converts here in Portland. Antifa smashed a guy in the head downtown yesterday with a crowbar. Too bad no video. The boys in black masks are gettingContinue reading “Portland and the Trans-valuation of Values”

The Purge’s Progress; Hell Hath No Fury Like a Sissy Scorned

You’re never going to believe, grandchildren, what it was like under the Tyranny of the Twink. The homosexual bullies of the present test my sympathy for the bullied homosexuals of the past. As well they should. It’s a tired trope to say the past explains the present–and questionable. More often we should look to theContinue reading “The Purge’s Progress; Hell Hath No Fury Like a Sissy Scorned”

A Purge’s Progress

“If you are reading this I’m already dead…”  Nick Monroe on being banned from Twitter for the Orwellian offense of “ban evasion”: You’re reading this because I’m gone now. Twitter permanently banned me for a “ban evasion” lasting three-and-a-half years.  They say my account – which amassed almost 50,000 followers and has appeared on numerous news websitesContinue reading “A Purge’s Progress”

"Well, ackshull-eee…"

Pat Buchanan, in cataloging the vortex of demagogy that is the still-young 2020 Democratic campaign for the presidency: At the end of a week where he withdrew his nominee to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement and saw the departure of his Secretary of Homeland Security, Trump, referring to the 175,000 migrants apprehended crossing the U.S. borderContinue reading “"Well, ackshull-eee…"”

Portrait of the Current Year

This photograph is the Democrats’ dilemma, distilled. At twenty percent of Democrats blacks punch above their weight. But they’ve earned their group privilege by way of, to put it nicely, screwing up. Black dysfunction–crime, professional mediocrity, poverty–is converted into political power by demagogy aided by the religious commandment that black problems all result from whiteContinue reading “Portrait of the Current Year”

Place That Quote: Hitler or the Pope?

Even a fool can be profound taken out of context: “If someone tells young people to ignore their history, to reject the experiences of their elders, to look down on the past and to look forward to a future that he holds out, doesn’t it then become easy to draw them along so that theyContinue reading “Place That Quote: Hitler or the Pope?”

Late Night Nostalgia

I’ve long been a fan of electronic music. One of the first dj/producer auteurs to capture my fancy was Jack Dangers, who records with a rotating collective of fellow artists under the unfortunate name Meat Beat Manifesto.The name is not a reference to masturbation (at least directly) but to militant veganism and animal rights. AContinue reading “Late Night Nostalgia”

Plundering for Justice

We’re in the redress and appropriation phase of the civil rights movement, wherein the wealth and culture created by history’s putative monsters, white Americans, is being redistributed among non-whites. The tenets of the post-religious dispensation are Equality and Diversity. Together they posit a natural order, lost to white supremacy, wherein material wealth and power areContinue reading “Plundering for Justice”