Palestinian-Portland Solidarity

One recurring presence among the signs and symbols in any Portland demonstration is the Palestinian flag, of course. Here it is sharing space with one of the more common specific themes of the new Trump-out demonstrations, the upside-down American flag:

Portland has an active liberal Jewish community of course (I’ve suffered, and perversely enjoyed, the wrathful gaze of the yenta eavesdropping on my politically incorrect conversation at a local breakfast place at least once), and the Palestinian flag has caused controversy before between Jews and pro-Palestinian protesters.
The city is big on refugees and, contrary to its image as a liberal “whitopia”, has a significant and growing Muslim community, many of them Africans brought in by Catholic Charities, which has a sizable operation in the city. The obvious disdain of the newcomers for Israel is just one of the many contradictions festering under the umbrella of Trump hate.

Later that day after the square mostly cleared out these fellows caused some confusion, but were not physically assaulted as far as I know, with their plain display of Old Glory:

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