Colossus 2013

Revising the monument: Not like the noble works of Western fame, Of conquering race astride from land to land, Here at bloodied,graffitied gates now stands,A twerking harlot, some father’s shame, to proclaim: U S for Sale! Comprehensive Plan!“Yo World; may your spawn slander,reprimand, My breed, whose bequest, nonetheless, they’ll have,Keep,” mumble her collagened lips, “your fit. Pour: Your benighted, needy, your just plain bored! Your aggrieved, those eager to settle scores,Bloodied hands fleeing their criminalContinue reading “Colossus 2013”

People are going to have to think less about themselves and think more about me, Fareed Zakaria…

Fareed Zakaria was born into an elite Indian Muslim family and made his way into the global elite via Harvard and Yale. He’s edited Foreign Affairs, Newsweek and Newsweek International; now he’s a host on CNN. As you can imagine, this expertise and background have given him unique insight into the inexplicable horror of the Boston Marathon bombing by two young MuslimContinue reading “People are going to have to think less about themselves and think more about me, Fareed Zakaria…”

Resourceful Satirical Magazine Finds Americans Not Stereotyping, Ridicules Them For Their Ignorance

Via Steve Sailer, here’s The Onion engaging in accidental self-parody: Majority of Americans Not Informed Enough To Stereotype Chechens The peoples’ calm tolerance goes into the media’s Narrate-o-Matic and voila, out it comes as popular “ignorance.” The average American just can’t win–must be why the elites think he’s such a loser.  Of course the realContinue reading “Resourceful Satirical Magazine Finds Americans Not Stereotyping, Ridicules Them For Their Ignorance”

From the Untethered Newswire

October 31, 2021, Stamford CT (UNS) In an incident experts are calling unprecedented, a veteran daytime talk-show host died today when his soul fled his body.“At approximately 12:59 this afternoon Maury Povich died of multiple complications resulting from the catastrophic, sudden detachment of his soul from his physical body,” a spokesperson at Stamford General HospitalContinue reading “From the Untethered Newswire”

Infernal Refugee Rag

I’ve got a little time left and nothing to lose. You have too much of both. Everything you do is contingent on your future; I have none. You must take care; I will take advantage. You pay your tithe in hypocrisy. You’re invested. I’m busted. But I won’t go away. I’m that crank with theContinue reading “Infernal Refugee Rag”

An Uncanny Recognition

From The Onion: NEW YORK—According to media analysts, the nation’s TV commentators and political pundits have proved uncannily accurate when describing the deeply disturbed inner thoughts of accused Arizona gunman Jared Loughner. “It’s strange, but when it comes to getting inside the mind of this human being who seems to possess no empathy, sense ofContinue reading “An Uncanny Recognition”

Shooting the Blue State Bar Bull

“No, I didn’t see the speech. What did he say?” “It was exhilarating. I’m still tingling.” “What did he say?” “He was in rare form. Dignity. Poise. Handsome.”“Nonsense. He looks like Stan Laurel’s mulatto love child. What did he say?”“His inflection, his tempo. Just perfect.”“What did he say?” “His is a rare eloquence. He struckContinue reading “Shooting the Blue State Bar Bull”