Diversity’s Third Act Problem

Via Steve Sailer, here’s an ad for the Democratic candidate in Virginia’s gubernatorial race depicting the state’s whites as Jim Crow rednecks running down doe-eyed diversi-youth in pickup trucks flying Confederate flags, Gadsden plates and–like a punchline–Ed Gillespie for Governor stickers.

Each representative of the new diversity wakes up from the same nightmare! The nightmare of white supremacy!

The all-a-dream trope is bit of a cop-out: the authors aren’t suggesting it’s actually happening. They don’t go that far. But it’s too apt: the threat of violence from whites truly is the stuff of nightmares, not reality, nightmares conjured by the Democratic Party, of which this ad is an example. Sailer:

Thank God the Democrats are importing millions of future Democratic voters to demographically crush those pickup-driving yeehawing white racist Republican genocidal lynch mob maniacs who built this country and thus deserve to have it taken away from them. Haven’t you heard about how these lowbrow morons all belong to U. of Virginia fraternities that have an initiation ritual of gangrape on broken glass? Read a book!

Is this ad what we can expect from now on? Because this isn’t the case of someone pulling out all the stops in a close contentious race, but in a close, boring race between two moderates.

Establishment Republican Ed Gillespie has covered a deficit to pull even on the issue of sanctuary cities, opposition to which is a winner for Republican candidates. Virginia has been rapidly diversifying, as part of the broader effort to establish Democratic dominance. It’s also where a particularly ugly instance of narrative collapse occurred: a Salvadoran illegal killed a Muslim girl–apparently because he didn’t like Muslims. [update: with a baseball bat]

(Things like this are ultimately blamed on white guys–the Democratic ad above sort of does that. In the film After Hours a protagonist stumbles through a series of misunderstandings by which he’s blamed for one thing after another. He’s hiding from a mob on a rooftop when he witnesses a murder in an apartment across the street. Shocked and unable to do anything about it, he just mutters, “I’ll probably be blamed for that.” That is the American white guy’s plight at present.)

The Democratic Party imports non-whites so they can implement Democratic policies: universal health care, gun control, welfare. But ideology and policy bores them. What doesn’t bore them are identity politics. But identity politics run on conflict. It should be enough that the Democrats will expand social programs, the affirmative action regime, the whole ethnic spoils system by which America is being parceled out. But it isn’t. The new voters are like the black American voters after which their participation in the Party is modeled (blacks are the true Model Minority): admirably apathetic about details but by that same token not so good about getting to the polls.

In pulling the demagogic ripcord to win this, the Democrats condition their new voters for the future to associate whites, their historic symbols and even, for the love of God, pickup trucks with danger and bigotry. It would be good for them to lose this one and discourage them in the future, but I suspect we’re just going to get more and more of this, commensurate with the extent white Americans and allies oppose demographic displacement. The program of ethnic diversification is a fait accompli being foisted on us: at some point resistance to it is political suicide. The cuckservatives long ago determined it’s already upon us. But it remains to be seen.

2 thoughts on “Diversity’s Third Act Problem

  1. Gillespie should just run the same ad. Maybe replace the scene at the end where the diverse kids wake up scared with a bunch of white kids waking up smiling.The white share of Virginia's population is about the same as it is nationally, and immigration restriction worked pretty well as a platform for the Donald. Aggressively flipping the script on that ad might motivate white voters that (correctly) believe Gillespie to be a finger-in-the-wind cuck that was open-borders until 5 minutes ago. \”I'm Ed Gillespie, and I approve of this message.\” He'd have my vote.


  2. Good idea. If he could he should just play their ad, pull out at the end to show him standing next to the monitor saying, in some form: \”help me stick it to the assholes who made this\”.I'm hoping Gillespie wins and his experience here–this ad is punishment for his immigration patriotism–stiffens him a little so that he might actually govern as a patriot. I'm sure this all is alienating him to some extent from the Establishment.


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