Colossus 2013

Revising the monument: Not like the noble works of Western fame, Of conquering race astride from land to land, Here at bloodied,graffitied gates now stands,A twerking harlot, some father’s shame, to proclaim: U S for Sale! Comprehensive Plan!“Yo World; may your spawn slander,reprimand, My breed, whose bequest, nonetheless, they’ll have,Keep,” mumble her collagened lips, “your fit. Pour: Your benighted, needy, your just plain bored! Your aggrieved, those eager to settle scores,Bloodied hands fleeing their criminalContinue reading “Colossus 2013”

The Icy Flame, Mad Monk Mix

Live on, thou damned!–Baudelaire, The Double Room Life is the lashDriving us onToward the flameWithout hasteWithout pauseCalm, cruel, fixedIndifferent to usIts raw material that serves some purposeWe cannot knowInto the chilling fire, slave-soldiers!Into Nature’s maw!This command the only counselOf a universe without conscienceAnd desperate Man takes his ownHe imagines worlds beyondOver and above this graveClearContinue reading “The Icy Flame, Mad Monk Mix”