"Well, ackshull-eee…"

Pat Buchanan, in cataloging the vortex of demagogy that is the still-young 2020 Democratic campaign for the presidency:

At the end of a week where he withdrew his nominee to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement and saw the departure of his Secretary of Homeland Security, Trump, referring to the 175,000 migrants apprehended crossing the U.S. border in February and March, protested repeatedly, “Our country is full.”

Echoes of Hitler’s Germany, said The Washington Post:

“Adolf Hitler promised ‘living space’ for Germans as the basis of an expansionist project, which historians said distinguishes the Third Reich from today’s xenophobic governments. Still, experts found parallels.

The Post is stumbling on the real distinction between our time and their cherished 1930’s: the complete and alarming reverse of demographic pressure.

Western colonialism resulted from expanding populations. Colonization going back to the Greeks has been impelled by expanding populations. Germany’s problem was neither new nor unique–and they didn’t have such as the British Empire to draw off surplus men and energy.

Demographics still drive colonization. Only now the Western populations contract while the former colonized world expands. Africa above all needs living space. Globalist anti-nationalists promise it to them and profit when they deliver.

Various colonies arise and expand, snapping up the good ol’ gibs and lebensraum.

Honk honk.

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