Hijab Hullabaloo

Steve Sailer has been speculating Shepard Fairey’s current obsession with the hijab is something of a sexual fetish, and Fairey’s choice of a beautiful woman in ruby red lipstick that might get her arrested in one of the more moderate Muslim countries certainly suggests it is, at least, for him and other young straight maleContinue reading “Hijab Hullabaloo”

The Million Menses March

 The Women’s March came to Portland yesterday. Tens of thousands turned out. The mood was festive and family-friendly (that is the kiddies’ physical well-being wasn’t immediately threatened), contrasting the march of the day before, which degenerated by late night into countless small standoffs with police who used tear gas and flash bangs to clear streets andContinue reading “The Million Menses March”

Fire and Brimstone and Fire

Westboro Baptist Church style preachers showed up at the inauguration day protests in Portland. Just as they did at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, they staked out a spot and bravely harried the crowd with intentionally offensive rhetoric. This guy held out for well over an hour. There were no other counter-protesters there. TheyContinue reading “Fire and Brimstone and Fire”

Trump Names the Tools

From the new administration’s whitehouse.gov website: Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter.As if calling rioters rioters and looters looters wasn’t triggering enough to the Establishment, in using the word “disrupter” the administration is calling out one of the pop-ideologies of the opposition that seeks toContinue reading “Trump Names the Tools”

The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button

Yesterday Steve Sailer noted today how Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning’s gender dysphoria, having gone from footnote to forefront during his incarceration along with the rise of the trans rights movement, is now seen by fashionable convention as a legitimate sympathy factor favoring President Obama’s commutation of his sentence, as evidenced by the New York Times: It’sContinue reading “The Curious Case of Bradley’s Button”

The Fake’s Progress

It’s worthwhile to compare the other “iconic” Vanity Fair cover Woman with Caitlyn’s curious spread Man From the ultimate image of womanhood to its ultimate caricature.  Moore’s deliberately immodest cover offered pregnancy as a feminist provocation: you can’t do this. Caitlyn’s celebrants, twenty four years later, would be outraged. In seizing immediately upon socio-political platitudes,Continue reading “The Fake’s Progress”

Summer Re-runs, Again

Fourth of July, Summertime 08 Acid Flashback RemixHistory may be written with blood and iron, but it is printed with ink, and it is made real and dangerous when it is put on film, the alternate literature of our times…History is not over yet, and history collects its debts. —Gustav Hasford, Vietnam Means Never HavingContinue reading “Summer Re-runs, Again”