Suicide Watch

The old joke Washington Post headline, “Meteor to Obliterate Earth, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit” works because it’s a fair description of a well worn media template, getting more worn by the day in our Current Year of Salon-Vox-Slate thumb-suckers: “social effect x occurs, protected class(es) disproportionately affected”. There’s always been an unacknowledged concomitant toContinue reading “Suicide Watch”

Homeless and Hopeless

James LaFond has a brush with the future: On my way into the supermarket today, I got to thinking about how the bottle return areas of large supermarkets remind me of what an ancient slave market might have looked like. The dregs of society, conquered and diseased, standing in line, awaiting an uncertain, but sureContinue reading “Homeless and Hopeless”

The Current Year is Druggy, Druggy, Druggy

Everybody’s high. That’s what I’m thinking. Via Thomas Wictor on Twitter here’s a video Seattle Police released regarding an officer-involved shooting.First we see a confrontation between an apartment manager and a wigger Bonnie and Clyde, presumably the same pair firing at police later. The male’s behavior leading up to his shooting appears suicidal, but nothingContinue reading “The Current Year is Druggy, Druggy, Druggy”