Take your Beating or be a Racist

Via Steve Sailer,here’s a Washington Post opinion piece on the real reason we shouldn’t arm teachers. One might defend himself:

But putting guns into the hands of schoolteachers would be extraordinarily dangerous for black and Latino students, who are already often forced to try to learn in hostile environments where they’re treated as threats.

How long would it be, if Trump’s plan became reality, before a teacher shoots a black student and then invokes the “I feared for my life” defense we continually hear from police officers who misinterpret young black people’s behavior with deadly consequences?

A mountain of data on persistent racial biases and disparities in education and on police presence in schools — as well as a recent increase in racial harassment in schools — makes it clear that kids of color won’t be safe if their teachers are carrying weapons.

Within the circles of the left there’s no challenge to the assumption that implicit bias and discrimination are the reason for, among other things, the occasional severe beating a teacher receives from a physically powerful, mentally frail black student.

There’s a problem for the left: their prescribed reigning convention holds disparity of incarceration and school discipline is ipso facto proof of discrimination. To maintain the illusion that it measures this and not black criminality, they are not only up against the empirical evidence, they’re up against the personal experience of every American who isn’t holed-up like the Unabomber in a shack.

The author is right, and may be alone in pointing out, that arming teachers raises the possibility of a student being shot– but in self-defense. And we can be sure the moment it happens, it will become a civil rights cause, with the usual mainstream obfuscations seeking to railroad some hapless teacher who didn’t submit to his beating. But the author is wrong about the reason for that likelihood.

We can’t arm teachers against the rare and random school shooter for fear one will shoot the common and predictable street thug. This is of a pattern of course: policy that would save lives is precluded because it offends blacks and their liberal allies. There is a cost that is studiously ignored, in lives and lives ruined, by the need to condescend to blacks and their white allies.

If the author’s premise here–that discrimination is the cause of black incarceration and discipline–is wrong, and it is, yet the concern, that a youth will be shot by a terrified teacher, is correct, then we have an entirely different circumstance, following a pattern that unfolds in countless ways across all aspects of life. But we still can’t speak of it. The violent malice of blacks must be endured until their magical conversion or the Apocalypse.

What we are being told here, as George Zimmerman was told, as Darren Wilson was told, as untold numbers of railroaded non-blacks have been told: take your beating, Whitey.

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