War with the NEETs

The assault on Richard Spencer turns out to be a watershed moment for the Trump opposition. The response from the mainstream has gone all the way from tepid, qualified disapproval to enthusiastic cheering. Then cultural figures joined in, most notably when an Emmy Awards audience applauded an award-winner’s visceral call for more.

It isn’t as if the violence had only just begun with the election of Trump. Organized intimidation of Trump supporters became big with its successful shutting down of a rally in Chicago and escalated to outright violence when a Trump rally in San Jose was attacked:

Isolated assaults on Trump supporters were already becoming normal, but going mostly unreported because it was mostly isolated incidents of minority assaults on whites, something the Press doesn’t report as standard practice already (they should just put it explicitly in the social justice style book at this point). It also couldn’t be spun through the Narrate-o-Matic as “violence breaking out at Trump rally” which, remarkably (or not so remarkably) some did with the obviously organized and one-sided attack on Trump supporters in San Jose.

But also it’s still that black and brown people don’t really register to a media elite dominated by Jews and Wasps still insistent on seeing the world as a battle between goodwhites and badwhites, with minorities as bit players unhindered by moral agency or responsibility.

The San Jose violence and Chicago intimidation was organized by the usual shadowy suspects, but that organization seems to have not been intended to go beyond busing the mostly black and brown thugs to the targeted venues and encouraging them to provoke Trump supporters in the hopes of producing plausible optics attesting to their inherent violence. Trump supporters actually proved stubbornly resistant to it; thus ever greater provocations, backfiring in San Jose. The Elite doesn’t understand their lynch mob: California’s Mexicans are among the least political and most racially territorial people alive; as a group are probably one of the few more alien to and misread by our oblivious Elite than the Trump supporters they fear in increasingly lurid fantasies.

It may be that the Chicago campaign, limited to intimidation and the threat of violence and creating the impression Trump was weak and losing was viewed as a success, while San Jose, where Trump supporters were assaulted for the world to see, was the mob getting beyond organizers’ control. Still, with no real repercussions (if you don’t count losing the election, but there’s no evidence they’re even capable of making the connection) for it, they continue even now to press on and escalate. If there’s any centrality to the organized political intimidation, anyone at the helm, it was probably decided it would be better to avoid another San Jose by not busing about large groups of angry Mexicans before election day.

But the political violence that followed in Berkeley after the crowd at the Emmys applauded Richard Spencer’s assault is of a different order and type. With black bloc types showing up things haven’t just escalated; they’ve assume a new character.

Now the rioters themselves, while probably still directed, ultimately, and certainly funded by the same shadowy forces, are self-organized and disciplined. And these groups are overwhelmingly young white men, ironically evoking a trope of the alt-right: when whites are provoked to “chimp out” it can go as far as the Holocaust. And our desperate elites still haven’t “provoked the Saxon” until he comes to see his elimination is their ultimate goal.

These disaffected young men are the very products of the globalization they’ve been pressed into obliviously defending. Their continuing allegiance in the chaos they are being manipulated into creating is by no means a given. Unlike the minority mobs and the atomized social justice head cases, they pride themselves on their independence and agency. The aspire to more. Our Elite is wielding a flame thrower they think is a fire extinguisher.

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