Racial Communism

Frame Game Radio on the current clampdown.

Before the alt right and this new paradigm, whatever it is, words like “Nazi” and “communist” had already lost some meaning to overuse, so a phrase like “racial communism” now might not get the credit it deserves. It’s not just that the racial identity politics of the present are analagous to communism, but that they’re becoming a variant of it. Wealth is deliberately redistributed along racial lines, and that becomes more and more central to the Democratic Party’s existence.

It’s probably inevitable for any welfare state experiencing demographic diversification that incidentally racial redistribution eventually becomes explicitly racial redistribution. That’s why Obamacare was openly touted by some as a “civil rights” measure: it’s a redistribution of white to non-white wealth.

Much of that redistribution is effected by an enthusiastic private sector going well beyond government’s mandate, and the two are bound by Current Year culture that makes the present in America if not full racial communism just yet (which would be, oh, South Africa say) at least a soft racial socialism. And that’s bad enough.

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