From the Untethered Newswire

October 31, 2021, Stamford CT (UNS) In an incident experts are calling unprecedented, a veteran daytime talk-show host died today when his soul fled his body.“At approximately 12:59 this afternoon Maury Povich died of multiple complications resulting from the catastrophic, sudden detachment of his soul from his physical body,” a spokesperson at Stamford General HospitalContinue reading “From the Untethered Newswire”

It’s our secret! Never teach the Wu Tang!

An Untethered News Services (UNS) exclusive: The following video was reportedly smuggled out of a meeting of the highly secretive group known as “Journolist.” According to the former member who provided it to UNS on condition of anonymity, it shows a “far too common” ritual used for purposes of initiation and punishment. Untethered cannot vouchContinue reading “It’s our secret! Never teach the Wu Tang!”