Infernal Refugee Rag

I’ve got a little time left and nothing to lose. You have too much of both. Everything you do is contingent on your future; I have none. You must take care; I will take advantage. You pay your tithe in hypocrisy. You’re invested. I’m busted. But I won’t go away. I’m that crank with theContinue reading “Infernal Refugee Rag”

Partial text of recovered captain’s log, circa 1750

Called all hands on deck to address fanciful talk arising from previously noted sudden sightings and inexplicable disappearances of what some in the crew are calling a “phantom ship”. Interrupted by lookout’s sighting of upper masts in fog bank about a half mile off starboard, due north. Called crew to quarters. Damn poor timing! AllContinue reading “Partial text of recovered captain’s log, circa 1750”