Resourceful Satirical Magazine Finds Americans Not Stereotyping, Ridicules Them For Their Ignorance

Via Steve Sailer, here’s The Onion engaging in accidental self-parody:

Majority of Americans Not Informed Enough To Stereotype Chechens

The peoples’ calm tolerance goes into the media’s Narrate-o-Matic and voila, out it comes as popular “ignorance.” The average American just can’t win–must be why the elites think he’s such a loser.

 Of course the real irony here is this failed bit acknowledges a certain amount of information is necessary for “stereotyping”; likewise the ongoing media campaign of obscurantism surrounding Boston (of which this piece is a part) reveals tolerance often requires a certain amount of ignorance. But that’s getting way too complicated for the typically all-knowing twenty-something a couple of years out of Harvard. Easier (and safer) to just to fire away at the usual targets, because as you know, anyone who runs is a vc…

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