Bush’s War on its Quinceanera

Matt Taibbi on the Iraq War fifteen years on: But that’s not how our rulers sold the war to themselves. They weren’t overcome with emotion, or some post-9/11 yearning for vengeance. They knew what they were doing. The Iraq invasion, one of the great crimes of this or any age and destined to be a crossroadsContinue reading “Bush’s War on its Quinceanera”

Howdy Doody, Master of the Universe

Via Zero Hedge, here’s WINEP warrior Patrick Clawson  lamenting the prospects of a successful “crisis initiation”, read false flag operation (or suggesting one, I can’t really tell; he appears to be responding to a question from the audience here), to provoke a war over the resistance of President Obama, Congress and the Pentagon. By his lights this is the “traditional way America gets to war” (and hereContinue reading “Howdy Doody, Master of the Universe”

The Audacity of Expedience

From this NYT article on Obama’s drone war: They describe a paradoxical leader who shunned the legislative deal-making required to close the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, but approves lethal action [drone strikes] without hand-wringing.(…)Yet the administration’s very success at killing terrorism suspects has been shadowed by a suspicion: that Mr. Obama hasContinue reading “The Audacity of Expedience”

Barry Bugs Out

Tom Englehardt nails the true nature of President Obama’s address to cadets at West Point: Certainly, the choice of venue, and so the decision to address a military audience first and other Americans second, not only emphasized the escalatory military path chosen in Afghanistan, but represented a kind of symbolic surrender of civilian authority. RushContinue reading “Barry Bugs Out”

Make Believe and Reality

Last summer, as Barack Obama directed the subtle intimidation of fawning European crowds (millions of charisma-intoxicated Germans can’t be wrong!) at those Americans still retaining the quaint notion presidential elections are domestic affairs not subject to global opinion, at least one of his acolytes in the media here in the formal remnant of the UnitedContinue reading “Make Believe and Reality”

Quiet. Too, Too Quiet

Even as it seems some sort of strike on Iran is not just inevitable but imminent, proof of widespread Iranian arming of Shi’ite militias is still the dog that hasn’t barked. Via Laura Rosen, here the LAT’s Tina Susman reports on a conspicuous absence: There was something interesting missing from Maj. Gen. Kevin Bergner’s introductoryContinue reading “Quiet. Too, Too Quiet”

Hazard? What Moral Hazard?

Let’s twist again, like we did last summerLet’s twist again, like we did last year–Chubby Checker, Let’s Twist AgainIn understanding the madness of our entanglement in Iraq I find it helps to reject out of hand everything the administration says and ignore the distorted center of polite opinion maintained by the corporate press, while continuallyContinue reading “Hazard? What Moral Hazard?”

Impotence in the Summer of Love, 2007

“When we catch you playing a nonconstructive role, there will be a price to pay.”–President Bush, to Iran, in a news conference last Thursday. “Your name’s Lebowski, Lebowski…You’re not dealing with morons here.”–dim thug;“It’s a complicated case, Maude. Lotta ins. Lotta outs. And a lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands…”–The Dude,Continue reading “Impotence in the Summer of Love, 2007”