Implicit White Football League

McMahon’s previous attempt at launching his professional football league promised (to my mind) an unappealing pro-wrestling aesthetic. Off-field drama would be part of the show. Players would be encouraged to date cheerleaders. Presumably cameras would be following them around. McMahon invoked recent fines for excessive celebrations in deriding the NFL as the “no fun league”.Continue reading “Implicit White Football League”

Tongue Tied

New American problerms: It dangled from a branch for days, wrapped with bright ribbons and studded with large nails and oversize safety pins.It weathered and hardened from gray-black to a leathery brown. From a distance, as professionals and students walked past the tree at the west end of Palmer Square Park to trains and busesContinue reading “Tongue Tied”

The Current Year is Druggy, Druggy, Druggy

Everybody’s high. That’s what I’m thinking. Via Thomas Wictor on Twitter here’s a video Seattle Police released regarding an officer-involved shooting.First we see a confrontation between an apartment manager and a wigger Bonnie and Clyde, presumably the same pair firing at police later. The male’s behavior leading up to his shooting appears suicidal, but nothingContinue reading “The Current Year is Druggy, Druggy, Druggy”

The Last White Celebrity

Taylor Swift hasn’t come out and said she’s okay with being white, of course, but she hasn’t explicitly denied it either, and just look at her. There is something to the coincidence of the “Okay to be White” trolling and the renewed intensity of the anti-Swift movement now. Like the other components of the Left, blackContinue reading “The Last White Celebrity”

Diversity’s Third Act Problem

Via Steve Sailer, here’s an ad for the Democratic candidate in Virginia’s gubernatorial race depicting the state’s whites as Jim Crow rednecks running down doe-eyed diversi-youth in pickup trucks flying Confederate flags, Gadsden plates and–like a punchline–Ed Gillespie for Governor stickers. Each representative of the new diversity wakes up from the same nightmare! The nightmareContinue reading “Diversity’s Third Act Problem”

Masters of the Moral Universe and the Leveraged Shakedown

Via Steve Sailer, the New York Times reports approvingly on members of the Congressional Black Caucus invoking black privilege to shake down Facebook. For more than an hour, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s high-profile chief operating officer, sheepishly pledged to “do better” — over and over — as stern-faced members of the Congressional Black Caucus grilled her onContinue reading “Masters of the Moral Universe and the Leveraged Shakedown”