The Current Year is Druggy, Druggy, Druggy

Everybody’s high. That’s what I’m thinking.

Via Thomas Wictor on Twitter here’s a video Seattle Police released regarding an officer-involved shooting.
First we see a confrontation between an apartment manager and a wigger Bonnie and Clyde, presumably the same pair firing at police later. The male’s behavior leading up to his shooting appears suicidal, but nothing he’s done up to that point makes any sense, so who knows.


No doubt they’ll find a pharmaceutical cocktail in this guy’s blood, and certainly some of the high-grade marijuana you can buy legally in Washington State now, the excessive use of which has introduced a yet-understood illness characterized by “screaming and nausea”. This unfortunate couple represents a new feral class; drugs play a large part in their de-socialization.

But I’m beginning to suspect increased drug use is affecting most aspects of life and classes of people now. CNN’s recent screw-up–whether bad reporting or bad hoaxing–was so remarkably inept I found myself wondering, like the old joke, what they were smoking over there. Truly.

In his recent interview with Luke Ford Greg Johnson suggests drug use is endemic in the “alt right” (which he doesn’t identify with, despite being a white nationalist) and sees the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally as a drug or alcohol induced disaster.

You can’t help but wonder nowadays, when you see something sloppy or just inexplicable.

Anderson Cooper elicited minor controversy with a tweet recently mocking President Trump. I really can’t keep up, because I would have thought this relatively mild insult was par for the Trump Resistance course, but apparently this is still out of bounds:

Alcohol and a lack of immediate diversion are usually enough to explain such as this. Cooper said his phone was “hacked” at first, and now is just saying it was “taken” and the tweet posted (as if by no human hand). A mischievous twink was one of my first preferred suspicions, and this explanation strengthens it. Whatever the case, you can be sure drugs had something to do with it all.

Perhaps drugs are shaping our political views–they would have to if their use is broad enough. Would white ethno-masochism be possible without them? Are the kinds of drugs, legal and illegal, we’ve acquired along the way shaping our collective worldview? Certainly drugs are helping white Americans right now with the indignity and anxiety of dispossession, easing them along.
And that’s a downer.

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