The State of the State

From a post-Iraq invasion paper, The New Middle Ages to a New Dark Age: the Decline of the State and US Strategy (PDF): National security policymakers are continuously challenged to ensure that the judgments and assumptions underlying policy, force posture, and provision are congruent with the international environment and the role the United States is playing withinContinue reading “The State of the State”

Six Degrees of Literally Hitler

So far the clampdown on right wing speech continues to expand, with virtually no resistance from elected officials, including the president. Not only are platforms shutting down political content, the old-fashioned means of chilling speech through public shaming has become more aggressive. Guilt by association gets more invasive and tenuous at the same time guiltContinue reading “Six Degrees of Literally Hitler”

Bush’s War on its Quinceanera

Matt Taibbi on the Iraq War fifteen years on: But that’s not how our rulers sold the war to themselves. They weren’t overcome with emotion, or some post-9/11 yearning for vengeance. They knew what they were doing. The Iraq invasion, one of the great crimes of this or any age and destined to be a crossroadsContinue reading “Bush’s War on its Quinceanera”

Frame Game Radio on Torah Talk

Joining us tomorrow on Luke Ford’s Torah Talk Live is the video-auteur behind Frame Game Radio on YouTube and Twitter. 9 AM Pacific, noon on the East Coast. Go to Luke’s channel, join the chat to ask us questions. Subscribe while you’re there. We’re getting more viewers all the time and the chat is occasionally brilliant, likeContinue reading “Frame Game Radio on Torah Talk”

Racial Communism

Frame Game Radio on the current clampdown. Before the alt right and this new paradigm, whatever it is, words like “Nazi” and “communist” had already lost some meaning to overuse, so a phrase like “racial communism” now might not get the credit it deserves. It’s not just that the racial identity politics of the presentContinue reading “Racial Communism”

Mein Kampf, Marginalization and Living with Mom

Talking to Luke Ford about today’s Washington Post profile of a young unemployed alt righter and his mother’s shame, among other things. Subscribe to Luke’s channel.Subscribe to my channel.  Luke will be interviewing Paul Nehlen this Sunday afternoon (not on Torah Talk). From the Post article: The mother and son were sitting in the living room,Continue reading “Mein Kampf, Marginalization and Living with Mom”


Jeff Sessions invoked the “Anglo American” legal tradition and the Stupid Left lit up, along with the ACLU and at least one congressman. Just as quickly conservatives and moderates pointed out Anglo American legal tradition is a long-held concept referring back to English common law (and cited as such in countless US legal rulings). SomeContinue reading “Angloameriphobia”

Implicit White Football League

McMahon’s previous attempt at launching his professional football league promised (to my mind) an unappealing pro-wrestling aesthetic. Off-field drama would be part of the show. Players would be encouraged to date cheerleaders. Presumably cameras would be following them around. McMahon invoked recent fines for excessive celebrations in deriding the NFL as the “no fun league”.Continue reading “Implicit White Football League”

Sex and Betrayal

The public humiliation of Aziz Ansari marks the “me too” sexual inquisition’s escalation into prosecuting romantic and sexual disappointment. Women are compelled to sexual excess at the same time they are absolved of any responsibility for their safety. Birth control enabled widespread sexual license, which has in turn engendered crises for both masculinity and femininity,Continue reading “Sex and Betrayal”

But we won’t take the Norwegians

Via Steve Sailer’s comments I found this gem: If you vote the right way on Israel no level of chaos can make you a “shit hole country”, sir! What’s really funny about this is Bill implies the Haitian government’s cynical support is indicative of a greater national and individual character (which is of course measuredContinue reading “But we won’t take the Norwegians”