Jeff Sessions invoked the “Anglo American” legal tradition and the Stupid Left lit up, along with the ACLU and at least one congressman.
Just as quickly conservatives and moderates pointed out Anglo American legal tradition is a long-held concept referring back to English common law (and cited as such in countless US legal rulings).
Some of those outraged no doubt make no distinction between Anglo American and Anglo Saxon (as “white”); they heard Jeff Sessions say “white legal tradition”; some of them genuinely don’t know there’s a difference. “Anglo American” probably sounds equivalent to “African American”.
Of course, nobody’s pointing out we do have a “white” legal system, and that’s a good thing.
The incident served as yet another opportunity for conservatives and moderates to ridicule yet another leftist excess, and the thing will be forgotten by this time tomorrow. 
But I think it’s a sinister indication of how far things have degenerated. It’s only a matter of time before “Anglo American legal tradition” is excised for hurting the feelings of the non-Anglo mass (as determined by a handful of Jews in New York and DC). What this recent dust-up indicates is we’re halfway there. 
Social justice is overtaking things. Look back over the last two decades of film and television alone and you’ll come across endless instances of work that couldn’t be made today because of its potential to offend.
Statues that stood for generations have suddenly become intolerable, swallowed up in the rising tide of Justice. Social justice proceeds like this through all of our institutions and culture. Less and less is possible or allowed. The elimination of the phrase is precursor to the elimination of the thing.
First they came for the Anglo American legal tradition and I couldn’t stand up, because I no longer had one.

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