Portland and the Trans-valuation of Values

Via James LaFond’s blog, here’s Portlander Tony on Saturday’s citywide political dispute:  I believe your pioneering efforts in the art or crowbar fighting have begun to gain some converts here in Portland. Antifa smashed a guy in the head downtown yesterday with a crowbar. Too bad no video. The boys in black masks are gettingContinue reading “Portland and the Trans-valuation of Values”

The Last Days of Democracy

Somehow I’d missed it, but earlier this week the group Patriot Prayer, a conservative Christian body in the Proud Boys sphere, rallied across from Portland City Hall and were attacked by armed and masked antifa. Despite being explicitly not white nationalist, the group triggers with its support for Trump and explicit Christian conservativism, drawing violentContinue reading “The Last Days of Democracy”

Still Life and Live Painting

“Is that the Whiskey Bar back there?” I asked the only other guy to turn up at the wrought iron gate leading to an alley behind the bar I’d found locked earlier. “Yeah. You don’t go in this way though. The front doors open at ten.” “I see.” Someone had told me the event beganContinue reading “Still Life and Live Painting”