Still Life and Live Painting

“Is that the Whiskey Bar back there?” I asked the only other guy to turn up at the wrought iron gate leading to an alley behind the bar I’d found locked earlier. “Yeah. You don’t go in this way though. The front doors open at ten.” “I see.” Someone had told me the event beganContinue reading “Still Life and Live Painting”

Diary, February 9, 2017; Bittersweet Decay

The girls from work are all young and pretty, and in various stages of wreckage. Taylor is delicately featured, pale, a classic red head except for the not quite red hair. She’s done up too much, with the excessive eye liner and dark red lipstick that is a current, unfortunate fashion; it cannot overcome herContinue reading “Diary, February 9, 2017; Bittersweet Decay”

Diary, January 19, 2017

The weather improved just in time for Portland’s first scheduled anti-Inauguration protests, having gone from sub-freezing cold snap (the last three days have been the first days above freezing this year) to warming just enough to turn the precipitation into cold, sometimes freezing, rain, then today easing up to cool but dry, even sunny atContinue reading “Diary, January 19, 2017”

Diary: Yesterday Afternoon

A tall man standing in front of Mary’s strip club steps purposely to the curb and leans into an automobile grill. As if he’s trying to be heard through a hole in a wall he shouts, no, screams into the car’s impassive plastic faux-metalwork.I head upstairs. The wood steps feel solid but still creak plaintivelyContinue reading “Diary: Yesterday Afternoon”