Still Life and Live Painting

“Is that the Whiskey Bar back there?” I asked the only other guy to turn up at the wrought iron gate leading to an alley behind the bar I’d found locked earlier. “Yeah. You don’t go in this way though. The front doors open at ten.” “I see.” Someone had told me the event beganContinue reading “Still Life and Live Painting”

That lump in your throat is childhood passing

Summer. Nineteen eighty-something. We were parting the traffic on the 605 southbound for Huntington Beach; I was wearing nothing but shorts and sandals, one hand holding on to the motorcycle seat, the other cradling a six-pack of beer, football-style. We leaned headlong into the wind like a pair of ski-jumpers, as P. effortlessly weaved theContinue reading “That lump in your throat is childhood passing”