The Last Days of Democracy

Somehow I’d missed it, but earlier this week the group Patriot Prayer, a conservative Christian body in the Proud Boys sphere, rallied across from Portland City Hall and were attacked by armed and masked antifa.

Despite being explicitly not white nationalist, the group triggers with its support for Trump and explicit Christian conservativism, drawing violent antifa as surely as a KKK rally.

The demonstration took place a year after the group gathered in the same small park downtown for a “free speech” rally, as this one was billed. That event came off without incident only because of a high police presence cordoning off the conservatives from antifa (openly promising violence) and others barely less hostile. See my video of that demonstration below.

Still, the news reports range from deliberately to unintentionally biased. Everyone deploys the same passive description (“fights broke out”) to describe a clear assault by one group on another. Even if the description is plausible–say, the two groups came into contact and individual skirmishes were prompted by both sides–the reality is, the conservatives, left alone, would have peacefully left. As they’ve demonstrated time and again, when they’re allowed. It isn’t as if in the absence of antifa and their kind the Patriot Prayer guys would have gone rampaging through the city.

Despite this obvious fact, antifa and the respectable local left invoke, with ramped-up intensity, the standard canard that a “homophobic” or “racist” person or group represents an immediate threat of violence. And then antifa comes along to initiate violence. Progressive hysterics connecting gay-bashing to any resistance to, for one, sexual degeneracy have become accepted wisdom wherever pc reigns, which is everywhere; these hysterics are source and justification for political violence. The Establishment is complicit in political violence, in Weimar-ish street battles.

There are no countering reports in the mainstream media and the lazy normie reader is not roused from his slumber. The report from putatively conservative Fox News is indistinguishable from the others, only it’s shorter and the reporter appears to have derived it entirely from social media.

Here’s the $PLC take.

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