Friday’s Fable

Revival this is a series: previously Whitist Apologiaby Janae Acharya-Ramirez She-Her Cohen*New York Times, July 6, 2042Every high school freshman knows the history of the minstrel show in and its role in maintaining white supremacy. Thus the inherent problemicity in its recent resurrection, in parody of the original, as the “white show”, replacing black stereotypes ofContinue reading “Friday’s Fable”

Tent Show Revival

“Anyone seen my collar?”Danny frowned at the silent room.“Bastards.”John’s chin nestled neatly into his wattles as he squinted at the wig he was turning about in his lap.“I haven’t.” He managed, somehow, through the tiered mass of compressed flesh.Eddie, sewing a pair of lederhosen, grunted negative through teeth holding a thread tight. Danny glimpsed himselfContinue reading “Tent Show Revival”

"In the year three thousaaaaaand….!"

“Well private collections are a problem, certainly. We have no idea how many are out there. What constitutes a collection, also, is a legitimate question.”Herbert perked up at this.“Yes. That’s my concern. Say a guy has, in the classic example, an old newspaper announcing the moon landing…”Genero looked at him with sly sympathy.“Well, if thisContinue reading “"In the year three thousaaaaaand….!"”

In the Bunker with Barney, Laura, and Me

I will not withdraw even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me.George W. Bush The following diary fragments were found by rebel forces of the breakaway American states near the ruins of President George W. Bush’s secret bunker at the close of the Second Civil War in May of 2008. The authorContinue reading “In the Bunker with Barney, Laura, and Me”