PDX Dispatch March 28: Turd World Problems

Vanity Fair writer T.A. Frank in Unherd: This February, Bruce Harrell, newly installed as mayor of Seattle, made it official that his city has gone into decline. “The truth is the status quo is unacceptable,” he said in his first state of the city address. “It seems like every day I hear stories of longtimeContinue reading “PDX Dispatch March 28: Turd World Problems”

PDX Dispatch 3/24: It’s a Sick World After All

A 22 year-old man was arraigned for the death of his infant child last summer after the child suffered for two months before succumbing to his injuries. We’ve seen this man before. PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland man convicted of assaulting a federal officer is now facing charges in connection with his infant child’s death. CourtContinue reading “PDX Dispatch 3/24: It’s a Sick World After All”

PDX Diary March 16: The Sun and Chris Abide

The same March sunlight obliterates the tattered grey clouds with the same brilliance as every year, oblivious to the city’s transformation. With blithe equanimity it alights upon the contorted maw of the schizophrenic no less than upon the fair face of the young woman going wide around him, and the same pure light graces theContinue reading “PDX Diary March 16: The Sun and Chris Abide”

Nothing to Crow About

Dennis’ desultory YouTube channel is suspended until April for like, you know, disinformationing on the Covid yo, and Dennis gets a strike. Regarding YouTube’s “strikes”: doesn’t it feel like the pitches aren’t in the strike zone at all? The pitch is over everyone’s head, into the bleachers, and an umpire with clown-hair spins in theContinue reading “Nothing to Crow About”

Boomer Breaking Badly

Breaking Bad was a well-regarded television series about a middle-aged high school science teacher who becomes a drug lord after a terminal cancer diagnosis and a chance encounter with a former student, who he finds is now a petty dealer. The two, pointedly named White and Pinkman, boomer and millennial, share in common only whitenessContinue reading “Boomer Breaking Badly”

Portland Dispatch Feb 4: Peak Portland Achieved

“Make yourselves ungovernable” is a favored slogan of rioting Portland anarchists. Through their activist organizational arms they walk this walk, making it as hard as they can for the city to maintain public spaces and basic services. Their advocacy on behalf of the homeless has for them the incidental if not deliberate feature of makingContinue reading “Portland Dispatch Feb 4: Peak Portland Achieved”

Portland Dispatch February 1: Wokeness and its Discontents

The Portland Business Alliance is one of the few organized opponents of the fundamental changes wreaked upon Portland in the nearly two years now of radical progressive dominance effected by months of anarchist rioting and intimidation of political opponents, with some help from, ironically, law enforcement in the form of Multnomah County District Attorney MichealContinue reading “Portland Dispatch February 1: Wokeness and its Discontents”