PDX Dispatch 2.17.23: We’re Dying Here

Doomicile Multnomah County publishes something called the Domicile Unknown Report to record homeless deaths, just released for the year 2021, counting at least 196 deaths on the street, not including homeless who die in hospital or other care. That number is up from 126 in 2020. Meth and Fentanyl related overdoses accounted for 129, orContinue reading “PDX Dispatch 2.17.23: We’re Dying Here”

PDX Lawfare and Chaos Beat 2.14.23

According to a new “advisory report”from the office of Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan Oregon is awash in violent extremism and “paramilitary activity”. Shemia was last seen sounding the klaxons over a dubious crisis in Oregon elections. The report’s purpose is to kick off a proposed law expanding the definition of violent extremism, makingContinue reading “PDX Lawfare and Chaos Beat 2.14.23”


Chapter One Chapter Two Laughter and OppressionNew York Times, July 6, 2033by Janae Acharya-Ramirez Bhae-Bher Cohen*Dr Cohen directs the Historical Rectification Program at Harvard University’s School of Justice and ReconciliationEvery elementary school student knows the role of the minstrel show and blackface in maintaining White Supremacy in Old America. The pernicious effects of minstrelsy areContinue reading “Revival”

PDX Dispatch 1.6.23: Oregon is for Bummers

Welcome to the Snuff State Woke vanguard Oregon is becoming the Canada of the US, assisting a growing number of suicide tourists and prescribing death drugs for in-home suicides. Oregon has become America’s first ‘death tourism’ destination, where terminally ill people from Texas and other states that have outlawed assisted suicide have started travelling to get their handsContinue reading “PDX Dispatch 1.6.23: Oregon is for Bummers”

White Justice, Black Execution

Van Jones asks How do we explain Nichols’ horrific killing, allegedly at the hands of police who looked like him? Jones isn’t shocked to see Black! men killing a Black! man. He knows it happens virtually every day in America. I don’t know about you, but what I saw on the Tyre Nichols video wasContinue reading “White Justice, Black Execution”


Chapter One “Anyone seen my collar?”Danny frowned at the silent room.“Bastards.”John’s chin nestled neatly into his wattles as he squinted at the wig he was turning about in his lap.“I haven’t.” He managed, somehow, through the tiered mass of flesh.Horst, sewing a pair of lederhosen, grunted negative through teeth holding a thread tight. Danny glimpsedContinue reading “Revival”

Sheila’s Supremacy Soon

Sheila Jackson Lee’s law outlawing uppity whiteness may have no chance short term but is inevitable longer term should present trends, against which nothing formidable stands, continue; and national elections may not be pointless just yet. The law criminalizes speech falling under the ever-widening category “white supremacy”, which is rapidly becoming a catch-all for oppositionContinue reading “Sheila’s Supremacy Soon”

PDX Dispatch 1.20.23: Subduing the Suburbs

In relation to Portland Newberg Oregon is 25 miles to the south and about 25 years in the past. The most striking difference you notice there is the ratio of American to Rainbow flags. In September 2021 a conservative majority on Newberg’s school board voted to ban the display of BLM and Pride flags inContinue reading “PDX Dispatch 1.20.23: Subduing the Suburbs”