Summoning Justice

Justice, blind brown and female, centers the mural along the sidewalk fronting the new Multnomah County Courthouse, invoking not the administration of justice but serial “aspirations for justice”, from Equity, through Black Lives Matter, skipping along the now lesser deities of Peace and Hope, on to Feminism only after echoing BLM with “anti racist”–and IContinue reading “Summoning Justice”

Portland Lawfare Beat March 28

The Madness of Crowds The new regime in Washington DC has sent Department of Justice lawyers to join the battle against the Portland Police Bureau: Growing tension between Portland city officials and Department of Justice lawyers erupted during a public meeting Tuesday night, exposing a rift between the two agencies which could land the cityContinue reading “Portland Lawfare Beat March 28”

Portland Dispatch March 25: Parks and Desecration

Not content with having hollowed out downtown Portland through rioting, the city’s unchallenged radicals have now turned their attention to dismantling their progressive predecessors’ other, complementary success, the area’s parks system. Amanda Fritz was supposed to be retired. On Jan. 1, she completed her third and final term on the Portland City Council, her 12Continue reading “Portland Dispatch March 25: Parks and Desecration”

Portland Dispatch March 22: Velvet Fisting

“But he’s so sweet after…” Antifa has been targeting Portland’s Pearl District for the sin of gentrification, and recently redoubled their efforts after residents complained about being targeted and about subsequent police inaction. The Portland Police Bureau cited shootings–which of course are way up due to police defunding–elsewhere in the city as the reason oneContinue reading “Portland Dispatch March 22: Velvet Fisting”

Covid and Buyers to Portland’s Rescue?

With Portland’s downtown businesses in freefall and homelessness on the rise there and in the close-in neighborhoods residential real estate nonetheless remains a seller’s market and this year March is coming in like a lion: March typically launches the prime-time real estate market, which spans about eight months. What’s ahead? The average price for aContinue reading “Covid and Buyers to Portland’s Rescue?”

Lawfare Beat March 17

While black bloc anarchists under the antifa banner continue to attack the federal courthouse and other symbols of authority in Portland their allies in authority and establishment activism assist through lawfare, filing lawsuits and amicus briefs that seek to limit the tactics law enforcement can use for riot control. Mayor and police commissioner Ted WheelerContinue reading “Lawfare Beat March 17”

Portland Dispatch March 15: Trouble Among the Rank

update: an antifa adjacent acquaintance reported last night a “special meeting” was called by antifa to address the open dissension reported below. Portland anarchists’ ongoing insurgency against law, order and decency was reinvigorated last Thursday when authorities attempted removing the last barriers protecting the Mark O Hatfield Courthouse downtown. Within hours of the steel fenceContinue reading “Portland Dispatch March 15: Trouble Among the Rank”

Portland Dispatch March 12: Eternal Recurrence

The Mark O Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland next to the police station was a secondary target when the Summer of Soros kicked off on May 29 last year. At first rioters were content to cover it in graffiti while focusing on the police station next door. By the end of June rioters directedContinue reading “Portland Dispatch March 12: Eternal Recurrence”

Portland Dispatch March 8: Missus Hardesty’s Neighborhoods

Under Portland’s city government its commissioners aren’t elected by geographic district, so they aren’t beholden to one. Thus progressives like (now former) councilmember Chloe Eudaly and Jo Ann Hardesty, the police abolitionist who came into office with the intention of “ending white Portland”, are less hindered by the bipartisan and practical concerns of a givenContinue reading “Portland Dispatch March 8: Missus Hardesty’s Neighborhoods”