PDX Dispatch 1.6.23: Oregon is for Bummers

Welcome to the Snuff State

Woke vanguard Oregon is becoming the Canada of the US, assisting a growing number of suicide tourists and prescribing death drugs for in-home suicides.

Oregon has become America’s first ‘death tourism’ destination, where terminally ill people from Texas and other states that have outlawed assisted suicide have started travelling to get their hands on a deadly cocktail of drugs to end their lives, DailyMail.com can reveal.

In the liberal bastion Portland, at least one clinic has started receiving out-of-staters who have less than six months to live and meet the other strict requirements of the state’s Death with Dignity (DWD) law.

Dr Nicholas Gideonse, the director of End of Life Choices Oregon, recently told a panel that he was advising terminally ill non-residents on travelling to Oregon to end their lives, despite a legal gray area. ..

Out-of-state residents must be able to spend at least 15 days in Oregon to process the paperwork, which requires sign-offs from two doctors and witnesses, before administering the fatal dose themselves, says the clinic’s website.

Trudeau-era Canada appears to have more than doubled its rate of assisted suicides since 2018.


Oregon has taken a similar trajectory.

Daily MaIL

That divergence starting around 2020 in the chart above, with death drugs prescribed increasing and assisted suicides decreasing suggests that in response to Covid suicide doctors were diverting more suicides from clinic to home.

I await the outcome of legal challenges to the state’s new gun control law, Measure 114, to see if it will be easier to commit suicide than to buy a gun in Oregon. Even if you want to use it on yourself.

The dystopia of the present feels harsher in ways than the dystopia we imagined in the past:

Soylent Green, 1973 https://www.youtube.com/@Borowic5

Hellis Island

Illegal immigrant detainees are rioting over food at a privately-run immigration detention facility in Tacoma Washington.

The multibillion-dollar company that runs the immigrant detention center in Tacoma confirmed deploying “chemical agents” Wednesday as conflict over allegedly inadequate food and unsanitary conditions escalate.

GEO Group guards at the Northwest ICE Processing Center took the measure after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorized “non-lethal use of force” in response to a confrontation during a housing unit inspection that discovered contraband razor blades, an ICE spokesperson said.

The unit’s detainees barricaded their door before the chemical agents were used, according to GEO and a witness, and multiple reports say a hunger strike is taking place at the facility, though that’s contested by GEO.

Maru Mora Villalpando, of the group La Resistencia, which closely follows conditions at the detention center, said Wednesday’s confrontation marked the first time she’s heard of chemical agents being used at the facility, though there have been reports of tear gas used at other immigrant detention centers.

The lawfare arm of the anarchist left managed to effect laws limiting the police’s use of tear gas and other riot control measures as part of a host of police reforms. In those heady days no one was opposing the BLM juggernaut or questioning its narrative that the Portland police used excessive force for the unprecedented rioting of 2020. In the lawsuits we can expect to follow here will no doubt cite these laws.

“La Resistencia” claims to be a grassroots organization of illegal aliens with the specific goal of shutting down the Tacoma facility.

She also said one detainee tried to kill himself after the incident — a claim GEO and ICE deny. A detainee at the facility died by suicide in 2018.

Assisted or self-administered?

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