PDX Roundup Monday May 16

Portland is rolling out its long-planned “Safe Rest Villages” scheme to house the homeless in pods, led by city councilman Dan Ryan. Today homeless are moving into a “queer affinity” SRV in the city’s southwest that’s already lost the support of its “housed neighbors” who’ve said their concerns about conditions around the park haven’t beenContinue reading “PDX Roundup Monday May 16”

PDX Diary May 11: Fourth and Washington

A Rolex ad towers over the large multi-retail building that stretches over a city block downtown. It’s been vacant and fenced off for years, periodically swept by graffiti and painted over. “Yo you need something?” One of a pair of homeless men lying in an alcove says as I pass. “You need something?” At firstContinue reading “PDX Diary May 11: Fourth and Washington”

PDX Dispatch May 9: Toke and Mirrors

A man was captured on camera vandalizing a mosque and a synagogue in Portland last week as part of a string of similar attacks. On Saturday he was arrested when he turned up at a local news station and demanded to talk to a reporter. Mike Bivins had been working as a freelance videographer documentingContinue reading “PDX Dispatch May 9: Toke and Mirrors”

PDX Dispatch March 2

Shit Show A tiny political rally for Oregon gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam, Republican and police supporter, was attacked by antifa with small explosives and water balloons allegedly filled with feces. BREAKING: Antifa black bloc attacks Republican volunteers in Oregon, explosion goes off as the militants fan out waving flags pic.twitter.com/9koZhNfQCf — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec)Continue reading “PDX Dispatch March 2”

PDX Dispatch April 27: Pirates of Portland

From Portland’s ABC affiliate KATU: PORTLAND, Ore. — Just past the “Entering Oregon” sign on the Interstate 5 Bridge over the Columbia River is one of the first things people see, and it is not a very pleasant welcome to Oregon. At the base of the Interstate Bridge on Hayden Island are two old military vesselsContinue reading “PDX Dispatch April 27: Pirates of Portland”

PDX Dispatch April 25: Snitches Get…Snitches

Oregon’s first-in-the-nation 1987 “sanctuary” law shielding illegal immigrants from federal immigration law, the Sanctuary Promise Act, was expanded in 2021 allowing anyone to sue public officials for reporting immigration violations to federal authorities, providing “an option to hold accountable individuals and entities that violate this policy”. That should not be read to include, just yet,Continue reading “PDX Dispatch April 25: Snitches Get…Snitches”

The Musk v The Megaphone

Many challenges to the neoliberal revolution from above–to “Globohomo“–have shown up confident in their logic and appeal only to end up absorbed in Globohomo’s vast and dense obtuseness like lost travelers in the Amazon. Consider the campaigns against CRT and “grooming”; heading into the midterm elections they’re winning–politically they’re irresistible–yet past experience suggests they’ll simplyContinue reading “The Musk v The Megaphone”