Hunter’s Laptop is a Force for Good

Joe Biden appears to me to be a man with no real convictions who has “sold his soul” to be president, by adopting without thought the radical goals of the post-Trump Democratic Party (or simply agreeing to be a figurehead for them). And that is certainly true. But with the new revelations about Hunter’s LaptopContinue reading “Hunter’s Laptop is a Force for Good”

Portland Dispatch 9.20.21

A thousand people descended on Oregon’s capitol to protest the governor’s mandate firing all health care and school workers and volunteers who aren’t vaccinated by October 18. An estimated 1,000 people rallied at the Oregon Capitol Saturday to protest COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates. Protesters identified themselves as health care workers, teachers, emergency services workers andContinue reading “Portland Dispatch 9.20.21”

Pozztown Police Blotter

Don’t call it an officer involved shooting, call it officer involved diversity! Local lefties think it’s the height of cleverness whenever the police announce an “officer involved shooting” to ask “how was the officer involved?” and this would work well if they didn’t traffic in so much passive language themselves (my favorite is the characterizationContinue reading “Pozztown Police Blotter”

Portland Saturday Night

Happened upon this around 1:00 AM. Portland Police cordoned off dozens of blocks around, presumably, a suspect’s car, abandoned on Burnside eastbound at Third Ave. The car sat with doors open and a shoe on the ground on each side; they didn’t match. Police left the area cordoned off from around 12:30, when a massiveContinue reading “Portland Saturday Night”

“You Killed his Fucking Dog?!”

Portland police today reported nine shootings over a 16 hour stretch in Portland’s Wild Wild East According to the Portland Police Bureau’s Enhanced Community Safety Team, the shootings began just after noon on Tuesday, Aug. 31, and continued through the early morning hours of Wednesday, Sept. 1. A glimmer of hope there is however; JohnContinue reading ““You Killed his Fucking Dog?!””

Postmodern Postmortem

Under a gray sky the vast abandoned parking lot documented the waves of consumers that once sustained the boarded-up department store set back in it like a temple. These ruins of the suddenly but definitively ended pre-woke era made for a locale ideal metaphorically as well as geographically for the Proud Boys’ “Summer of Love”Continue reading “Postmodern Postmortem”