PDX Chaos and Decline Report 3.10.23

Feds’ antifa fantasy league.

This article is paywalled, but the left is out to make hay over the feds even thinking about compiling dossiers on antifa rioters during the national George Floyd riots of 2020:

Homeland Security’s top leaders initially wanted federal agents to compile intelligence reports — dubbed “baseball cards” — on “everyone participating” in Portland’s racial justice protests in 2020, according to new information made public Thursday.

That would be Trump’s DHS, which was aroused in Portland when antifa turned their attention from the downtown police station they had been besieging all summer to the federal courthouse next door, in the process reinvigorating their campaign which had lapsed into low-level nightly mayhem in the occupied park blocks across from both buildings.

With Trump’s executive order of June 26 sending federal law enforcement to rioting cities to protect “monuments, memorials and statues” state and city politicians, including the embattled Ted Wheeler, joined with antifa in denouncing their presence and tactics. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed suit to prohibit the feds from making arrests in the city after antifa complained feds wearing generic “police” patches were “kidnapping” people in unmarked vans before questioning and releasing them. The suit was denied.

It wasn’t as if antifa had been ignoring the federal courthouse up until that point and had already broken in and set small fires early on, prompting the barricading of the building which remains to this day (when they tried reopening it in March of 2021 it was attacked by antifa within hours; one news story claimed the barricades were on trucks headed for Washington DC and the January 6 insurrectionist peril, only to be called back).

June 15, 2020, Mark O Hatfield Federal Courthouse, Dennis Dale Untethered Livestreams

Antifa upped the ante in late July when they started trying to set the building on fire with people barricaded inside. A no-man’s land developed between the tall chain link and concrete barriers and the boarded-up building where federal cops would occasionally emerge to put out the fires antifa set there to draw them out.

July 24, 2020, Mark O Hatfield Federal Courthouse, Dennis Dale Untethered Livestreams
July 24, 2020, Mark O Hatfield Federal Courthouse, Dennis Dale Untethered Livestreams

Federal presence included the Federal Protective Service tasked with protecting federal building, who could be seen about town in their marked cars, a tactical unit form Immigration and Customs Enforcment (ICE), US Marshals, and the Border Patrol’s Tactical Unit (BORTAC), last seen neutralizing the Uvalde school shooter.

Antifa’s curious silence shortly after Biden’s inauguration and their alliance with many of his federal law enforcement initiatives targeting “white supremacy” means it’s a very different environment now.

Walmart abandons Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. (NewsNation) — Walmart is pulling completely out of Oregon’s largest city.

The final two Walmart locations in Portland are set to close at the end of March, at least partly due to crime.

According to a Walmart spokesperson, the stores, which will close March 24, weren’t meeting financial expectations but the decision to close both were based on “several factors.”

The city has been struggling with a relentless wave of shoplifting that the corporate giant says is hammering revenues.

Formerly the loneliest professor at PSU, libertarian woke-raker Peter Bogohsian, is following the retailer out of town. Whether in search of bargains or just tired, like Walmart, of the abuse, I don’t know.

Rando Crazy or antifa or does it matter?

A man who worked in a supermarket in Portland has been arrested in connection with a series of knife attacks on women and was connected to antifa by Andy Ngo, who cited putative ties to a legal defense outfit called Civil Liberties Defense Center, or just another random psycho espousing antifa views, if it makes a difference:

CORRECTION, Feb. 21, 2023: An earlier version of this story referenced a report that the suspect, Christopher Luchini, was linked to the Civil Liberties Defense Center and also reported that the suspect was linked to antifa. While the suspect does appear to support leftist ideas (link here), and while CLDC appears to openly support the “anti-fascist” movement (links herehere and here), it is unknown whether Luchini and CLDC are linked. In a retraction demand sent to The Western Journal, CLDC denies the link, though an aspiring journalist covering a CLDC fundraiser appears to have captured a photo of the suspect at the CLDC event. At this time, however, The Western Journal cannot confirm the authenticity of that photo. The article and its headline have been revised accordingly.

Police in Portland, Oregon, have arrested a man with reported links to antifa in connection with several assaults on women.

Christopher Luchini was arrested Tuesday at a grocery store where he works, according to a news release from Portland police.

Police said the arrest capped an investigation into at least four assaults on young women that took place between Jan. 12 and Feb. 7. Police believed all the attacks were conducted by the same person.

Three women were injured and required hospitalization, while the fourth escaped without injury.

Ngo’s reporting appears hasty, but a student journalist from a West Linn high school posted a photo Luchini at a CLDC fundraiser.

Fourth member of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers found in Oregon. West Linn High School Student Media

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