Portland Dispatch January 17: The Big Grift Cycle

Ten years ago today I triggered Seattle with this post on MLK Day in the progressive-decadent free weekly The Stranger after someone unwisely gifted me a week guest-blogging there. Life goes so fast. Washington State has moved to limit elective surgeries, ostensibly in anticipation of a covid surge WASHINGTON (KPTV) – Patient volumes at someContinue reading “Portland Dispatch January 17: The Big Grift Cycle”

Portland Dispatch December 28

On December 10 of this month a Multnomah County judge sentenced a man to ten years in prison for fighting with antifa on streets the Portland police had abandoned in August of 2020. Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez convinced a jury to convict Alan Swinney on 11 of 12 assault counts, two of them levelContinue reading “Portland Dispatch December 28”

Statuary Rape

Portland anarchists crowned a season of monument destruction in October of 2020 when they pulled down the city’s Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln statues and attacked the nearby Oregon Historical Society–despite its having been so woke and feminist for years it could be called the Oregon Hysterical Society; this on what antifa organizers billed asContinue reading “Statuary Rape”

Standards, Disparity and Equilibrium

White American and black American culture have always been largely distinct. Until recently, as a matter of course, the European Christian “white” cultural standard determined the nature of our society and law. It had to, just as any nation and society has to have a similar basis. Before the civil rights era of the sixtiesContinue reading “Standards, Disparity and Equilibrium”