PDX Dispatch Aug 9: Off the Rails!

Tha Community v The Public When Portland starting slashing away at police services in 2020 to appease the police abolitionist insurgency holding the city hostage with nightly BLM rioting, it started with three programs abolitionists had long been after, because they’re responsible for putting the most Blacks! in jail (and, not coincidentally, preventing the mostContinue reading “PDX Dispatch Aug 9: Off the Rails!”

PDX Dispatch Monday Aug 8: Sinus Justice

Shot through the nose and you’re to blame… The Daily Mail reports a woman was shot through the nose driving down a Portland street during the daytime. Turns out she drove through the middle of a gunfight between people on opposite sides of the street (this appears to be a common set-up, gangstas shooting atContinue reading “PDX Dispatch Monday Aug 8: Sinus Justice”

Into the Globalist Grinder

The Guardian reports a donor-funded American volunteer mercenary group is training Ukrainian recruits with no military experience in “five or ten day crash courses”. The recruits are being rotated in small numbers out of combat units where they’re already deployed due to Ukraine’s heavy losses. In the heart of the Donbas, a group of eightContinue reading “Into the Globalist Grinder”

Getting Out the Bad China

Yesterday I saw a small car caravan in downtown Portland protesting the Chinese government. Cars outfitted all with the same well-made banners seeking to “end the evil CCP [Chinese Communist Party]”, driven by Asian people (capably enough, dispelling old calumnies about Bad Asian Drivers), drew a few curious stares. The professional quality of the cars’Continue reading “Getting Out the Bad China”

Rad Camp Day Four: The Trouble With Harry

Hello Daddy, hello Mommy Here I am in Camp Mad Commie –Allan Sherman, Camp Granada (lyrics slightly altered) One more from the 2020 Budding Roses anarchist camp for kids curriculum. In today’s class kids will learn about “Transformative Justice” which, among other things, prepares them to accept their inevitable beatings from black bullies without involvingContinue reading “Rad Camp Day Four: The Trouble With Harry”

White Supremacy for the Nursery

Third time’s a charm for diving into the 2020 “Budding Roses” antifa summer camp curriculum for kids grades 3 to 9, conveniently posted online due to Covid and devoted entirely to critical race theory and police abolition due to George Floyd. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 Summer Camp was a Summer Kit fullContinue reading “White Supremacy for the Nursery”

More Rad Camp Curricula: Kill a Nazi for Mammy

I bring you more from the 2020 online curriculum of the “Budding Roses” camp for radicalizing kids, grades 3-9, started by Portland anarchists. Ironically our radical anarchists toed the same line as liberal normies when George Floyd’s overdose became the Mother of All Current Things, and the anarchists’ grim summer camp for kids became noContinue reading “More Rad Camp Curricula: Kill a Nazi for Mammy”


Children in the US are being “groomed” by teachers en masse, and that grooming is political, going well beyond sexualization and introducing ever younger children to “gender” chaos. The deliberate culture of grooming in place now seeks to inculcate children in every aspect of progressive critical demagogy, with of course a strong emphasis on criticalContinue reading “Kindergroomin’”

Ask Not for Whom the Shill Trolls

A tired and confused George W Bush gave a speech condemning Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in which he blundered into what’s been described as an “epic Freudian slip” by describing the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq, I mean of Ukraine”. This was met with laughter as he literally shrugged off the mistakeContinue reading “Ask Not for Whom the Shill Trolls”