PDX Dispatch January 5 2023: Kill ’em Kids, Flesh-eating Zombies, Church Fires and the Year Has Just Begun

Portland Welcomes, Kills Baby New Year Someone vandalized an anti-abortion billboard in Portland in such a grotesque fashion you might wonder if they weren’t trolling the pro-abortion side. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An anti-abortion billboard in Northeast Portland was removed after it was vandalized with the words “kill them kids” spray painted over the sign andContinue reading “PDX Dispatch January 5 2023: Kill ’em Kids, Flesh-eating Zombies, Church Fires and the Year Has Just Begun”

PDX Dispatch 12.19.22: Spare the Chuds, Don’t Spare The Club®

Outgoing Oregon governor Kate Brown has commuted all seventeen death sentences pending in the state. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Calling the death penalty immoral, Governor Kate Brown commuted the death sentences of 17 inmates to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Brown, 62, announced the commutations will take effect Wednesday, December 14 in a full-throatedContinue reading “PDX Dispatch 12.19.22: Spare the Chuds, Don’t Spare The Club®”

The ADL/Antifa/DA Axis Draws the L in Portland, this Time

Last August Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt asked a grand jury to return murder or assault charges against a strip club bouncer who shot and killed one man and wounded another after one of them fired on him. The grand jury declined (per Oregon law they did not issue a “true bill”), finding JaschaContinue reading “The ADL/Antifa/DA Axis Draws the L in Portland, this Time”

PDX Election 2022 Refap: The Blue Grave

Tina Kotek will be Oregon’s next governor and is an immediate contender for most radically left-wing governor in America. As Democratic Speaker of the Oregon House she led the legislative campaign that followed antifa’s 2020 siege of Portland like an occupying army follows an invasion, passing a host of progressive police reforms in the shockContinue reading “PDX Election 2022 Refap: The Blue Grave”

PDX Dispatch 10.25: Introducing the Wheelerville

Ted Wheeler has announced an initiative banning camping on Portland streets and herding the homeless into “designated outdoor camping with services.” The mayor’s resolution calls for moving the homeless to at least three designated campsites — with the first opening within 18 months of securing funding. He didn’t specify when the funding would be confirmedContinue reading “PDX Dispatch 10.25: Introducing the Wheelerville”

Oregon Election Groundup 2022

Governor’s Race: Can Kotek Absorb the Red Wave? [correction: Republican gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan is pro-life, not choice as written in the original draft; forgive the error] Chances are oh so slightly better than not that November 8 Oregon will elect its first Republican governor since 1982. Republican Christine Drazan currently holds a small leadContinue reading “Oregon Election Groundup 2022”