Black Malice in da How-iss

Forcing on a people a morality at direct odds with their reality is a form of humiliation. When that reality is already a humiliation–here I speak of the routine violence Blacks! inflict on non-Blacks! and the attendant “morality” holding that whites and their culture routinely inflict violence on Black! people–it’s not too dramatic to think of it as a sort of slavery.

The reality is Blacks! are the bullies of America, in its schoolyards, on its streets, in politics and culture; the image of the defiantly slack-jawed Black! thug taunts us against the backdrop of hoary civil rights kitsch that is our present hell.

You aren’t allowed even to laugh at the outright absurdity of that. To force on a people a morality at direct odds with a reality at once violent, impoverishing, humiliating and absurd suppresses a variety of valid and necessary human emotions: one is not allowed to laugh, to disdain, to fear, to discern, to hate. One is not allowed to be human. That most will call this racist hyperbole just shows how far gone we are.

We have to be able to say it, and we must ridicule and disdain all who humor it. That’s a long list. There are eminent people, good people, accomplished people there; but, God help me, silence is violence.

I don’t blame Blacks! for any of it; the most racist thing I can say about them is that they’re incredibly impressionable. The culture assigns no moral agency to Blacks! and neither do they. We indulge this our most impulsive and impressionable class and it’s literally killing us.

Embarrassing trends can’t help but reveal themselves despite the media’s best efforts, largely due to the U.K.’s Daily Mail making a good business out of picking up the money the US media leaves on the sidewalk, lurid true tales that draw readers but contradict official media propaganda. In our perverse time the apolitical tabloid mentality is is one our last tethers to reality. In America “if it bleeds it leads” still–but not if Blacks! draw the blood. The Mail didn’t get the memo. I suspect some day they will, and the loss will be felt.

Despite the image of the Mail as red meat for Middle English bumpkins, its point of view is above all conventional, politically correct and neoliberal–currently acting as a propaganda mouthpiece for Western involvement in Ukraine, for instance. The paper continues to infuriate the elite by covering things like (and probably above all) Black! violence. But the Mail still observes the first rule of Black! violence: one shall not name it. It’s comic watching the paper studiously observe this while showing us the thing, over and over, as if trolling. Sometimes I detect a smirk there, like when their right-hand celebrity news column tantalizes you with photo galleries of “Lizzo Slaying in a Two Piece!”.

Then there’s Tucker Carlson, who has indeed named the thing at least once. Despite the hate he inspires in the media he is actually a champion of the quaint, outdated approach to race relations. He’s the sort to quote Martin Luther King on “the content of character”–but never to acknowledge that, yes, we have by now had a good hard look at the content of Black! America’s character, and the sight is chilling.

Scott Adams has of course caused a stir by pulling a Trump (as a longtime student of Trump perhaps it’s deliberate) by outraging conventional pieties stating crudely something that isn’t supposed to be said when he drew attention to Black! malice. A regime of censorship is a permanent state of crisis for those who wield it, and the more suppression they effect the more conspicuous are these truths that escape out into the wild of public consciousness; exposing not only the truth but the suppression of it. Truth, no matter how obvious, comes like a horn blast when escaping the constriction of censorship.

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