Portrait of the Current Year

This photograph is the Democrats’ dilemma, distilled.

At twenty percent of Democrats blacks punch above their weight. But they’ve earned their group privilege by way of, to put it nicely, screwing up. Black dysfunction–crime, professional mediocrity, poverty–is converted into political power by demagogy aided by the religious commandment that black problems all result from white racism.

Liberals, progressives, black and white, all do protest too much: they love black misery. In a time of moral obscurity, it appeases the vanity of liberal whites as well as self-interested blacks. They’re actually comforted by the idea that it will always be there, cornerstone of the Narrative.

In this environment black indignation grows with appeasement, and the Democrats are riding this whirlwind:

The candidate personally promised Sharpton that an O’Rourke White House would sign a measure to pursue slavery reparations for African Americans. He also committed to bring back robust civil rights oversight of local police departments in the form of consent decrees, an enforcement mechanism largely abandoned by the Trump administration. 

 Sharpton was pleased. But he made clear the Sharpton primary is just getting underway.
“What are you talking about, you like him?” he said into the mic – only half joking – to a fellow activist. “You didn’t hear the rest of the candidates yet.”  

Caution was not a trait associated with Sharpton in the past, but in his role as political kingmaker he strategically bides his time. He leaves open the possibility that even the most unlikely candidate could get his blessing. 

Every Democrat is trying.

 Sharpton is scarier than AIPAC on the Democratic side now, and this rare living leader of a genuine antisemitic pogrom is further evidence Jews are losing control of the party to the new, non-white generation. There’s an opening here for Trump and the Republicans if they only have the nerve (they don’t) to challenge black privilege–which is to call out black failure and the slander of blaming it on racism. To adopt Steve Sailer’s strategy proposal of ten years ago and just accept the branding: Democrats as the Black Party and Republicans as the White Party

But let’s be realistic. Being, in essence, the white party makes the GOP uncool. And that’s only going to get worse as the impact of decades of indoctrination in the uncoolness of white people by the school system and Main Stream Media continue to pile up. 

Further, contra Karl Rove, the GOP will never be able to shake its white party image. It will either increase its share of the white vote or it will go out of business as a party capable of winning national power. 

My suggestion: the only long-term option for the Republicans, the de facto white party, is to rebrand the Democrats as the de facto black party. 

Not the Minority Party or the Cool, Hip, Multicultural Party—but the Black Party. Go with the flow of the fundamental Manichaeism of American thought: Black versus White.

Cast the Democrats as the party of black chaos–they increasingly are. The party you party with, maybe, but don’t want running things; against the party of boring, honest white guys. The Republicans can at least bring the boring part.

Alas, it would be great. I have the slogan: “White Guys. Give ’em another look.”

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