Torah Talk

Today’s Torah portion is Parasha Vayeira (Genesis 18-22)
Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed in this one.
Luke’s notes on the show and all the stuff we didn’t manage to get to.

Vivian (Vivian Veritas on Twitter) joins us today. Now we’re the four coolest, smartest people you know, and considerably more attractive.

First up: do white lives matter?

2:10: Dennis Prager video on Alt Right (I haven’t watched it):

Luke’s tells of his conversion to Judaism with an impressive, succinct apologetic. He also tells of his red-pilling. He converted before he was red-pilled. I wonder: had he been red-pilled before converting would he have not converted, and would he be out here with us flailing, homeless white nationalists? Having converted before, however, the red-pill reinforces him in his faith. The timing of his red-pilling was good for the Jews, because they won

27:00 Judaism: a light unto the Alt Right, showing the way out of the globalist miasma.

37:00 Vivian arrives, with infant child. Three men and a baby.

54:28 Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Richard Spencer (scheduled to join us on Torah Talk November 26), is adorably clueless:

Here’s Spencer talking about his portrayal on a CSI-like television show, The Wisdom of Crowds:

2:31:50 Vivian on Jenna Jameson and her biography. Luke is a friend, sends her an invite to the show.

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