Howdy Doody, Master of the Universe

Via Zero Hedge, here’s WINEP warrior Patrick Clawson  lamenting the prospects of a successful “crisis initiation”, read false flag operation (or suggesting one, I can’t really tell; he appears to be responding to a question from the audience here), to provoke a war over the resistance of President Obama, Congress and the Pentagon. By his lights this is the “traditional way America gets to war” (and here would be “best for US interests”).
He also suggests escalating the current covert war on Iran from sabotage and assassination to, say, sinking an Iranian submarine (but he’s not “advocating” it, mind you), delighting his fellow ghouls with this bit of mischevious wit (I’ve got to party with you, man!):

One thought on “Howdy Doody, Master of the Universe

  1. It's good to see these Israel First psychopaths like him become so unhinged and desperate for conflict that they say these things out in the open. For a guy with such an itchy trigger finger, he sure doesn't strike me as someone who is \”battle ready.\”


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