New Funky Pox Drops

A new gay disease has arrived via a “drug-resistant strain” of a bacteria that is spread through the ingestion of fecal matter, and newsreader gals are giggling when explaining rimming and other current gay-to-straight fads to le bourgeois. The white lady is courting trouble here calling the practice “very gross.” Yo, Karen, love is love.

“It’s really going to be about control of behavior, oral, kind of fecal spread…among gay and bisexual men…” Well, good luck with that sister..

The “Shigella” virus, discovered in Japan in 1899, calls to mind the Monkey Pox virus that a tourist brought back to the UK from Nigeria in May of 2022 setting up a June “Pride Month” of gay super spreader (unfortunate phrase here) events. Despite having condemed public gatherings in the service of Covid hysteria, not a peep could be heard in the national media suggesting gay men maybe take it easy just this one summer.

Needless to say there’s even less of a hint that gay men should responsibly consider the broader straight world and what their exotic practices might unleash upon it. But we are living in the post-AIDS world and that doesn’t mean–as it once did to quietly hopeful boomer liberals–that we became more conservative about sexual relations, but rather that we must approve of any and all homosexual behavior, epidemiological and moral consequences be damned, lest gays be compelled to keep it in their pants once in a while.

Dishonest AIDS propaganda beginning in the eighties telling people “everyone” was at risk preempted any discussion of responsibility, as intended. Though we’ve long known it’s virtually impossible to get AIDS from heterosexual practice, the residual impression remains among the ill-informed mass that one heterosexual coupling with an infected partner is a death sentence.

Michael Fumento wrote in 1987:

The reason AIDS is not “exploding” is that, contrary to public belief, it is a disease that is extraordinarily difficult to transmit or contract, even by the standards of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Whereas mere juxtaposition of genitalia is enough to transmit syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes simplex II, and chlamydia, all of which require only direct contact with the mucous membrane, HIV (like hepatitis B) is bloodborne, the most inefficient mode of transmission an STD can enjoy. A sore, even an undetectably small one such as often accompanies herpes, might offer a passageway for these viruses, but some sort of passageway is needed and in the case of most Americans such passageways do not exist…

The reason anal as opposed to vaginal sex is so dangerous has to do with the difference in tissue construction between the male urethra and rectum and the female vagina. While the vagina is constructed of tough platelike cells that resist rupture and infectious agents, and are designed to withstand the motions of intercourse and childbirth, the urethra and rectum are constructed primarily of columnar cells which tear or rupture easily. This allows semen to enter the more readily accessible blood vessels of the rectum or, conversely but much more rarely, allows blood from a ruptured rectum to seep into the urethra of the active partner. (The April 1987 AJPH study found that men who reported rectal bleeding were far more likely to become HIV-positive than those who did not.)

Heterosexual transmission of AIDS turned out to be a deliberate lie, necessitated by the need to obscure the inherently unhealthy nature of anal sex and gay promiscuity.

Discussing the sexual transmission of AIDS without mentioning homosexual behavior in general and anal sex in particular is like discussing syphilis without mentioning intercourse. But this is precisely what the media and other responsible authorities do. Most articles and wire-service stories on AIDS do not so much as mention the words anal sex, much less indicate that it is the overwhelming risk factor. Similarly, one AIDS book designed for use by elementary-school students refers to heterosexual sex while making no reference to homosexuality, and one sex-education text formerly distributed in Seattle took the final step by stating that “AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease.”

The untold story of AIDS is how it acts as the gay holocaust. What was the worst public relations problem in history was turned into a triumph, replete with religious mythology and quasi-Christian suffering, placing gays at their present spot atop the hierarchy of grievance which lords over us.

Should we be surprised? They had all the talent for just this sort of thing. AIDS was when all that gay genius that had been making cinema for straights started telling its own story. And it’s killing us.

Robert Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci contains a remarkable chapter alleging the AIDS virus as we understand it is a hoax. There’s not time (or expertise) here to go into that, but Kennedy’s account of Anthony Fauci losing his battle with gay activists and adopting their propaganda-centric approach, scaring the straights into thinking they were at equal risk–to keep the blame off the gays and to keep the money for treatment coming in–is notable here.

Randy Shilts, who has rationalized the spread of the heterosexual-AIDS myth, is also frank to concede the irresponsibility of this approach: “ In two or three years heterosexuals are going to wake up and see that they’re not getting the disease. Then what?” Then what, indeed?

He need not have worried. We learned a lot of things from AIDS. One is that there is no accountability, for some people. Here’s Shilts quoting Fauci spreading the misconception that casual contact could transmit the blood-borne AIDS virus:

“The finding of AIDS in infants and children who are household contacts of patients with AIDS or persons with risks for AIDS has enormous implications with regard to ultimate transmissibility of this syndrome,” Fauci says. “If routine close contact can spread the disease, AIDS takes on an entirely new dimension,” he adds.”

Shilts eventually became a hero for his book And the Band Played On (and then dying of AIDS) but he was reviled by activists during his life for advocating for things like shutting down San Francisco’s gay bathhouses and for speaking honestly about the nature of gay promiscuity.

Another remarkable feature of the AIDS (cultural) debacle is that straights were exposed to the hyper-sexuality of gay culture, just as it introduced a harrowing disease we all (supposedly) had to fear, and the eventual effect was not condemnation but normalization of that culture.

The trouble was that, by definition, you had a gay male subculture in which there was nothing to moderate the utterly male values that were being adulated more religiously than any macho heterosexual could imagine…Promiscuity was rampant because in an all-male subculture there was nobody to say ‘no’ – no moderating role like that a woman plays in the heterosexual milieu. Some heterosexual males privately confided that they were enthralled with the idea of the immediate, available, even anonymous, sex a bathhouse offered, if they could only find women who would agree. Gay men, of course, agreed, quite frequently.

Fauci gave in to the gays’ demands to keep the bathhouses open and the orgy going, in the same way he gave in to demands to push masks and other Covid measures he knew to be ineffective or worse. If you want to know who rules over you, take a look at–no, don’t look. It’s very gross.

One thought on “New Funky Pox Drops

  1. Whites do seem to crave sacred victims. I suspect AIDS probably happened because of the unbelievable number of partners homosexual men engage with; and Kennedy may well be correct. On a side note, black women in the US contract AIDS at a very high rate:

    “A growing body of research shows that centuries of racism and discrimination in this country have had a profound negative impact on communities of color.” [Asians have even lower rates than whites.)

    Racisms cause black people to screw around.

    I would hazard a guess there are so many black men incarcerated and they aren’t too picky about sex partners in jail. They get out and spread disease to black women. CDC has documented that American blacks are 8 to 20 times more likely to contract venereal disease than whites [can’t find the link].

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